S1 E7 Sex And The Evans Family

Hello again my fellow Good Times fans. Here in episode 7 we deal with a sexual magazine that stirs up controversy in the Evans household coupled by Thelma dating an older man. Enjoy.

Our episode begins with J.J. and Thelma preparing their dates and starts the traditional cycle. Thelma’s overuse of the bathroom, J.J. making wisecracks about her face. Thelma answered she needed more makeup time and J.J. said she needed an assembly line rather than a bathroom. He commented to Florida about using too much makeup, Florida replied that she accidentally stepped on one of Thelma’s false eyelashes and thought she killed a centipede. J.J. then requested she iron his shirt as smooth as possible, reason being the girl he was dating that night likes to touch him a lot. Florida marveled him having four dates that week with four different women. J.J. responded by saying “if you got it, you got it”. He then excuses himself to buy mouthwash, claiming his date was in the lifesaving category and he was trying for mouth to mouth resuscitation. Willona came in and mentioned how at one time he only cared about joining the basketball team, now he was trying out for the cheerleaders. Thelma changed her mind and decided to wear another dress instead of the one Florida was ironing. Florida was none too happy about the guy Thelma was dating, a 21 year-old college student. Willona recalled dating guys that age when she was 16, then figured it was something for Florida to worry about. Thelma then mentioned he was the greatest guy she ever met. Willona commented on how many girls that age meet the greatest guy they meet every single week. She and Florida then reminisced about their many teenage flings. Willona compared J.J.’s dating schedule to a basketball schedule, play four nights and rest one night.

Florida discovered a magazine in the couch entitled Sexual Behavior In The Ghetto and wondered where it came from. Willona suggested they sit down and read. Florida then accused J.J. but Willona suggested maybe James brought it. Florida responded that they were married many years and he sure didn’t need to learn. When she confronted J.J., he adamantly denied it and claimed he’d rather see the movie. Michael comes in from playing basketball and J.J. suggested that since he did the most reading in the family it was his magazine. Michael protested he was only interested in reading material that would help the black community. J.J. said if it weren’t for that there would be no black community. James came home and was equally upset about the age of Thelma’s date. However, when Florida showed him the magazine and still assumed it belonged to J.J., he was extremely cool about a kid J.J.’s age to learn about that stuff. He even told J.J. he was a young stud himself at J.J.’s age. J.J. asked if he was ‘Dyn-o-mite’ James answered he was “nitrobenzene”. Willona found it refreshing for a father and son having a bonding moment like that. She then sarcastically mentioned how disgraceful she thought the magazine was. Florida responding by relieving her of her embarrassment and took the magazine from her. Thelma came out and said she was looking all over for the magazine, meaning she had the ownership rights to that. That turned James’s mood of the day sour.

James chastacized Thelma for the magazine and for dating a 21 year old man. She defended the magazine and claimed it was educational. He questioned that it was written in porno tech. Florida asserted her confusion to James’s reaction by reminding him that he was tickled pink when he thought it was J.J.’s. He stated that there’s a differences between girls and boys. Florida remarked with he must have read the first page. He said boys don’t get pregnant but Florida said they’re somewhere in the scene of the crime. Thelma stated she had no desire or intention to get pregnant. James said he hoped her date realized that. Thelma asserted that he was a very nice guy and James depicted him as a lecherous old man James responded by saying he was a lecherous young man. He then questioned why Thelma couldn’t date guys her age, she responded that they were boring and immature and didn’t know what it was about, much to the relief of James.  Florida reminded him that there was a three year difference between them (interesting fact was she was 20 years older than him in real life) and he answered that she was old and experienced, giving her a huge shock. J.J. leaves for his date and makes Florida and Thelma wonder why he let the wolf out and locked Little Red Riding Hood in. he answered that he wasn’t her daughter and Florida reminded him he was darting someone’s daughter. He said to let her father worry. Thelma called James a male chauvinist and stormed into her room. He then accused her of using vulgar language and Florida mentioned they never seen it written on walls.

untitled 714

Florida reminds James about the glow in Thelma’s eyes that resembled the same glow in her eyes after she met James. He responded that she had good reason. Eddie (Thelma’s date) arrived to take Thelma to a concert and reveals that he was the author of the magazine and he interviewed Thelma and that she proved his theory that one parent homes produced looser attitudes towards sex and in a solid family foundation and a strong father figure greatly reduces incidents of unwanted pregnancy. This proved to be good enough for James and he let Thelma go with him.  It also made him feel great that he was an expert child raiser.

The epilogue had J.J. returning home early, stating that his date’s father smelled mouth wash on his breath and noticed the gleam in his eyes and slammed the door in his face. this proved that the Evans’s were not the only family in the ghetto with a strong father figure.

Originally aired March 15, 1974

Written by Donald L. Stewart, Norman Paul and Jack Elinson

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Star Philip Michael Thomas

Another good and interesting episode. This one reflected on sexual attitudes and the enormous concern Florida and James had for their children. James may have been a little too protective on Thelma but of course didn’t want her growing up too fast. It also helped that Eddie was a decent young man and it was pretty funny that J.J.’s date’s father refused to let him in.

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