S1 E13 My Son The Lover

Welcome back friends! Right now we wrap up the first season of Good Times with “My Son The Lover”, an episode with J.J. falling in love with a beautiful and popular girl. He thinks it’s a sure thing until he learns she had something else in mind. Hope you like the review.

Thelma complained that J.J. took her face cream but it turned out James was the culprit. He used it to screw two pipes together and was out of plumber’s grease. He promised to buy her some new plumber’s grease the next morning. Florida told Thelma not to mind him since he found the Flip Wilson show was being cancelled and he wanted to replace it. J.J. came home in a happy mood and complimented everyone, including Thelma. Florida believed it was a snow job for money but James claimed he was flat broke. he came out with the announcement that Marcy Jones, most popular girl in school, was in love with him. Thelma questioned how a classy girl like Marcy could even notice him, he responded that those on the top of the heap only notice others on the top of the heap. He also said she was on her way over for J.J. to paint her portrait. Florida questioned Thelma on what Marcy was like, Thelma answered that she know nothing about her as she never spoke to her in school. James recollected that he was just like J.J. as a teenager in Mississippi, there was not one girl he knew who didn’t want to……., when Florida stopped him, he finished with not one who didn’t want to go out with him. Willona came in and announced J.J. was in a daze when she saw him in the elevator. She then stated how she wished she could buy back the last ten years and become 17 again. Florida reminded her she needed many more years than that. Then they starting reminiscing about their old boyfriends and how none of the guys didn’t want to…….., when James interrupted, she said they didn’t want to date them. She then mentioned how she played the field but Florida was smitten with only one man, much to James’s jealousy.

Marcy arrived and J.J. was star struck to see her. He introduced her to James and Florida and she put on her charm especially with James. When Thelma came out, J.J. introduced them but Marcy said she and Thelma were like besties in school. Florida reminded her of what she said and Thelma said she never spoke to her once. J.J. asked the family what they thought and James said she was very respectful to her elders. Florida added especially to her male elders. J.J. came up with an announcement about popping the question after the portrait, much to the shock of his parents. He then explained he wanted to go steady, then eventually making her the future Mrs. James Evans Jr.. Florida mentioned the disapproval of the present Mrs. James Evans Sr.

James and Florida were checking the picture J.J. had painted of Marcy and while Florida  shared her disdain of Marcy while James admitted he admired her. Florida believed Marcy was slightly out of J.J’s league. J.J. was in the bathroom taking a bubble bath and Thelma banged on the door for him to get out (oh boy, how the tables have turned). Willona came in and mentioned that J.J. was down at her boutique to purchase a slave key. He also had it engraved with the words to end with eternal love. Florida was somewhat disgusted with how out of control she thought the situation was going. When Willona suggested that before she knew it Florida would be a grandmother, much to her disgust J.J. emerged from the bathroom in some brand new threads. He then mentioned that he was thinking of marrying her and requested that they be alone. When James started to recall the first time he and Florida were alone, he suddenly refused to give them privacy. When she came by James, Florida and Thelma resigned themselves to the kitchen while J.J. tried reciting a love poem to her. She responded that it was pretty but then requested they finish the portrait. He told her it was finished and showed her. She responded that she loved it and her new boyfriend would be crazy over it, since she was giving it to him as a graduation present. A dejected J.J. decided to go into a Kool-Aid coma, lol. Just as he announced he was done with women, one of his other girlfriends called him to invite him to go to a concert with her.

J.J. returned home from his date stating he had a great time and gave his date the slave key he was going to give Marcy. She enjoyed it so much she spend thirty minutes giving him a kiss as a thank you note. James and Florida both delighted on what a great kid they brought into the world.

Originally aired May 10, 1974

Written by Lou Derman, Bill Davenport, Norman Paul and Jack Elinson

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Star Ta-Tanisha

Michael does not appear in this episode

Another good episode with many of the traits Good Times had brought us. Thelma and J.J. insulting each other. J.J.’s images of a ladies man. Florida viewing her mixed emotions about the matter. Although it is quite predictable that Marcy was not at all interested in J.J. and only wanted him to paint her picture.

Okay, well join me next time as we break into Season 2  with the debut episode “Florida Flips”.

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