S2 E3 J.J. Becomes A Man Part 1

Welcome fans. Right now we bring you to the first two part episode of Good Times. It centers around J.J.’s 18th birthday. Hope you enjoy the review.

Florida  prepared a special cake for J.J.’s big day. James came out and was recollecting when he was born. He stood outside the maternity ward making funny faces at J.J. while J.J. was making funny faces at him back. Florida said her first glimpse of him he was upside down, backside out and yelling a mile a minute. lol. She also claimed after James paid the bill he gave a cigar to the nurse and picked up the wrong baby. She then exclaimed that the lettering on the cake would be very difficult since J.J. wrote down just what he wanted, enough lettering to fill even another cake. Willona came in and was fretting over what to get for J.J., but conceded it would be difficult to wrap an 18 year old girl. She then settled on a custom made shirt, she also recalled she had 18 candles on her cake at 14 (she wanted to be 18). At 18 she wanted to be 21, then 25 when she turned 21. When she became 25, she wanted to stop time.

Thelma came in with bacon flavored potato chips but was unable to find his other dinner request, a soul food pizza. Florida even stated that he asked for fatback fortune cookies. Michael got J.J. a book on white history (I guess he wanted to educate J.J. about how whites oppressing the blacks for many years). J.J,. came in with news that he got himself a job as a messenger. Florida and James warned him if he thought about quitting school he was in big trouble. J.J. then explained it was only part time after school. When they asked him how much he was getting paid, he said they told him salary was not important (of course, it must have been quite low paying). Willona came back with the bad news that James’s credit was turned down at Marshall Fields because of a payment he was late for that came up in the computer as having been missed. James even went down to the store to straighten the matter but no avail.

An angry James is fuming in the bedroom with Florida trying to calm him down. She suggested he try to get the art supply in another store the next day and give it to J.J. belatedly. James stated that those new computers pop up everywhere so his chances of buying with credit were nil. Florida then suggested give J.J. his party and make the best of it. After blowing the candles out, J.J. made a speech that it was his proudest moment when he went form boyhood to adultery. lol. He made a wish that he could be so rich he could just sit back in his Cadillac and eat a Big Mac, while a chauffeur spoons him onion rings. (wait a minute, it was Burger King which supplied the onion rings, not McDonald’s) When he opened his gifts, he announced in advance that Michael’s was the book on white history (he heard Michael talking in his sleep) Next was a cap from Thelma (He searched her room and found it but exchanged it). Then he claimed he would get wall to wall hickies form the ladies. Next he correctly assumed it was a new custom made shirt form Willona, causing her to call him the ebony Kojak. When it was time for him to open the next gift, which he expected to be the art supplies, he was initially disappointed to find it to be a sweater. That was a last minute gift Florida sent Thelma out to get. James and Florida explained about the computers and James’s credit being shrunk to zero. J.J. was still thankful for the dinner, cake and presents. He then excused himself for a date with his girlfriend Henrietta. Willona left to go home to see The Waltons. Florida mentioned that in a few years they’d be going to his wedding. That reminded her and James of their wedding reception. They danced to the song ‘It had to be you’ while Thelma watched and admired them. Suddenly, a knock on the door came and it was Monty. He told Thelma that he saw J.J. getting arrested on suspicion of robbing a liquor store.

Original airdate September 17, 1974

Written by Jack Elinson and Norman Paul

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest star Stymie Beard (3rd appearance)

A good episode. But I have to admit it gets a little depressing that poor James can NEVER catch a break. Just as he wants to buy J.J. a fine gift for his 18th birthday, the computers have to go over his credit record. In reality, however, I’m sure they’d review it and find their mistake and get him off. Next we got the conclusion ‘J.J. Becomes A Man’ part 2.


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