S2 E4 J.J. Becomes A Man Part 2

Here we are at the conclusion of ‘J.J. Becomes A Man” (sub-titled J.J. Is Arrested”). the family needs money to bail him out and have no idea how they can get it. Hope you enjoy this one as much as the first part.

The family headed down to the police station where J.J. is being held. They got all hysterical while James calmed the family down. He then went to talk to the sergeant but kept getting interrupted by Florida.  The sergeant said J.J. was held on suspicion for armed robbery and they needed $5,000 to bail him out. The family returned into hysterics considering they don’t have that kind of money. They also said they’d have to wait about three weeks to have a court hearing, therefore, J.J. would have to stay behind bars.

Meanwhile, J.J. was taken into arraignment and was questioned by two officers. He admitted entering the liquor store to buy certs and a snickers bar. He starting running after in a rush to meet Henrietta. The liquor store clerk described the robber as a tall, thin black man. J.J. said they described half of Chicago and the NBA. When they asked him what he did with the cash ($85), J.J. claimed he would use that kind of money to charter a helicopter. They asked where did he hide the gun, he said he never owned one. J.J. asked them to get the clerk down there to identify him and he would surely tell them it wasn’t him. They replied the thief had a nylon stocking and J.J. said there was no way it was him since Thelma and Florida don’t even use them. James and Florida were discussing options on how to get the bail money and James suggested ask a few of his friends. Florida claimed that would only give them $50 and Willona offered to help but after going over her assets, she conceded not to bother asking her. J.J. came outside with the cops to get booked and he told Florida and James he didn’t hold up the liquor store. James said that was good enough for them but the police had him handcuffed and when Florida questioned it, claiming he wouldn’t hurt anybody, they came loose on J.J. and they cuffed him up again. The family assured him they were right behind him and somehow they’d get him out. He then reminded someone to go down to his job to tell them he wouldn’t be there. James suggested to Florida they go home but she refused to leave without J.J.. James then asked Willona to take Thelma and Michael home while he and Florida stayed.

J.J. shared a cell with a man who was booked for beating up five guys at the same time. The guy was yelling for his breakfast to come so J.J. offered him his half melted snickers bar, although he really fancied a nice set of ribs. J.J. wailed ‘don’t look at mine’ . The guy decided he liked J.J., who answered meekly ‘thanks, it’s nice to be liked’. He gave J.J. a playful punch and he falls over to the wall, claiming he doesn’t like being liked that much. After another playful punch, J.J. gave him one but the guy got angry and threatened him not to do it again. J.J. started asking himself why they had to put him in the cell with George Foreman. They finally came to deliver oatmeal, getting an ‘it’s about time’ from the prisoner. He then claimed it wasn’t enough, prompting J.J. to give him his. The guy made a fuss over them not including napkins so J.J. gave him his hat.

James and Florida were still waiting for J.J. to be released. James fell asleep and Florida found him leaning on the woman sitting on his other side. She was calling for him to wake up and the woman said ‘you better answer because my name is not James’. He explained he was dreaming and Florida said he must have had that dream on a dance floor and switched partners. The woman then protested even a police station is not safe. Florida mentioned she was dreaming everyone was home and everything was well, but everything was still not. Then she said on the plus side maybe this experience would teach J.J. not to go making jokes about ‘finding things’. Willona and Michael  came to see them and Michael had a picket sign stating ‘fuzz are unfair to brothers, especially mine’, not as bad as the one he wanted to bring. James said he would help him get more cardboard to make more signs. Michael noticed a black police officer at the desk and tried talking to him about letting J.J. go.

A hustler overheard Florida and James discussing the impossibility of coming up with money for bail. He offered to help them out at 20% a week, then started hitting on Willona. She stated that she tripped over him while he was coming up from the sewer. Desperate to get J.J. out anyway possible, James went over to deal with him but the cops scared him out and just in the nick of time. They then told the family that J.J. was cleared. They found the one who robbed the liquor store. Meanwhile, Thelma went down to J.J.’s job to tell them he wouldn’t be in that day. It turned out they had his record on file as well. Back at the station, James was making a fuss about them taking to long to let J.J. out due to technicalities. He and Florida then decided they should sue for false arrest (They should have, they’d be wealthy overnight). J.J. finally came out and speaking of his experience, he confused the cops with the fourth amendment. Willona corrected him that it was the fifth amendment, he said that’s what confused them (lol). When they saw the guy who robbed the store, he turned out to be a parody of J.J., a short fat kid, prompting an apology from the police . Thelma came down and lamented that J.J. lost his job due to another computer error. She claimed that within ten minutes, his record was probably everywhere. J.J. joked that the good thing was overnight his record went to the top of the charts.

Original airdate September 24, 1974

Written by Jack Elinson and Norman Paul

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Stars Mel Stewart, Ron Masak, Stan Haze, Cal Wilson, James Greene, Lil Henderson, Connie Sawyer

Just like the first part, the conclusion dealt with harsh reality but with a small touch of implausibility. It showed the tough harshness of sharing jail cells with bullies. J.J.’s robbery should have been deleted from his record once they found out he was innocent. Why would a loan shark hang around a police station? Why didn’t they lock him up? Another interesting fact is this was the first episode where the action did not take place in the Evans’ apartment.

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