S2 E7 The I.Q. Test

Welcome back friends and fellow GT fans. Here we are in another episode. In this one, Michael refuses to take an I.Q. test because he believes it’s discriminating against underprivileged students. Hope you enjoy the review.

Florida and James were preparing for Michael’s graduation from elementary school. James bought Michael a new set of golden pencils for a present. Then he started imagining Michael arguing his first case before the Supreme Court. J.J. came in a daze over his girlfriend, Henrietta. He requested they invited her over for Michael’s graduation dinner. When they approved, he claimed he already invited her. James asked him if he remembered to get Michael’s present, he painted a portrait of Michael in a purple Supreme Court robe (he ran out of black paint), then he went to change for Michael’s party. Willona came in with Michael’s gift and it turned out to be the same pencils his parents got, then she went to exchange it. She also stated she’d be back later with the chocolate cake and ice cream, then stated if they knew Michael if it wasn’t black he wouldn’t accept it, then Florida and James went inside to change for the occasion.

Thelma and Michael came home with the results of his I.Q. test, stating he received one of the lowest scores in his school and was advised to enroll in trade school. J.J. suggested they wait till after dinner when he took Henrietta home. Thelma accused him of being selfish while he resented the statement. He asked him if he denied it, he said no but he resented it. This led to another of their many arguments and Florida and James came out and asked what the problem was, Michael said they were arguing about him. James said he was sitting in a neutral corner so how could that be. When they asked him why his score was so low, he said he didn’t like the questions on the test so he walked out.

Florida and James berated Michael and told him he may have messed up his entire future by failing that test. Florida asked Michael to sit on the couch with her and James to discuss the matter better, Thelma got his seat before J.J. could, leading to another fight. Michael then stated that the questions they asked were too difficult for black children who lived in ghettos to answer. For example, they were asked to add to the word cup. The answers were either wall, saucer or table. Many of them would not know about the saucer, which was the correct answer. The next question was about a guest bedroom in a residence, which was also non-existent in their neighborhood. Not to mention the fact that they were none too familiar with the word residence, nor did many of them have their own bedroom. Michael and Thelma stated the average black student scored much lower than the average white student, just as on the black I.Q. test, made up by a black psychologist, white students scored almost equally as low as black students. J.J. stated he would demand they add points to his test, but Thelma got up and said he would still average below normal, but he got her seat and said it didn’t go for street smarts. Thelma slapped him and he whined ‘Ma, you see that?’ and James raised his fist and said ‘Junior, you see this?’ (why didn’t he yell at Thelma? She was like his baby girl or something). Michael owned a copy of the test and gave to Florida, who decided she and James should go to the man who administered the test and pay him a visit.

Florida and James went to see Donald Hargrove, the head of the testing board. His secretary came in to let him know they were there, but he let her in on some boring and useless statistic he found on his computer. When they came in, he kept interrupting them with other statistics that held no interest to them. They asked him questions from the black I.Q. test, such as Malcolm X’s last name, the meaning of TCB, or the meaning of alley apple. Every time James tried to keep score on Mr. Hargrove’s computer, he would snatch it from him. James informed him the reason for all that was they were from two different cultures. When Mr. Hargrove went to record the statistics on a black person getting into law school and passing the bar, his computer blew up, Florida then said she was going home to sew Michael’s robe for the Supreme Court.

Originally aired October 22, 1974

Written by Jay Moriarty and Mike Milligan

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Austin Pendleton, Kay Dingle

A good episode that explains a very important topic. The different environments of people. Many students from their neighborhood would not understand the values of the ones who distributed the I.Q. test. The funniest scenes were J.J.’s repeated insistence of dinner and Henrietta coming over, although they tended to get annoying. Another funny scene of Mr. Hargrove’s computer blowing up right after statistics showed that Michael’s chance of becoming a Supreme Court lawyer were a long shot.



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