S2 E10 The Windfall

Welcome back friends. Time to clue you in on another review of Good Times. This episode is called “The Windfall”. James found a bag of stolen loot but hardly got any thanks for it. Hope you enjoy the review.

J.J. and Michael are turning on the television to see James on the news. The local grocery store had been robbed and he found the money and returned it, albeit reluctantly, to the store. Willona came in with James’s picture in the paper. She also said an old lady came in and claimed the Evans family were stupid for returning it. Willona reacted by selling her panty hose that were too small for her. The news finally came on and showed James and the store owner. He presented James with a plaque and a reward check and James responded with ‘thank you’ and nothing else. He came home during the interview stating it was shot over an hour earlier. The reward check turned out to only be a $50 gift certificate from the store, and their prices meant the family could only get $10 worth of groceries, what a rip-off. After that a few crank calls ensued berating the family for their honesty, then somebody threw a dummy in the apartment with a note that read ‘here’s another dummy for the dummy family who returned the money’, then a couple of guys from J.J.’s school came and harassed him for a cut in their reward, until James came out and broke it up. This was enough to boil James’s blood and claimed he dipped in the bag and took $2,000 out.

Reverend Gordon from Florida’s church showed up and saw James’s self reward, claiming the Lord helps those who help themselves. Florida kept berating James that she didn’t want any dirty money on her. James argued that the store did a job on him so he got even. Florida kept insisting that he set a good example on the kids while James explained that he got tired of living in a lousy apartment in a high-crime neighborhood and wanted to get out from under, and how that amount meant a lot less to them. When they asked the reverend for his opinion on the matter, he replied with “Perhaps”. He also suggested that he donate some to the church. James asked if Michael would like to be $2,000 closer to law school, or J.J. painting on canvas instead of cardboard, or Thelma taking dance lessons. Florida then said sarcastically that Michael try to become a numbers runner for Sweet Daddy, or Thelma put on her tightest dress and go downtown, then told J.J. to go to the store and “find” something they can have for dinner. This was enough to prove a point to James and change his mind and return the cash.

The epilogue had some fan mail for James and Florida as a result of returning all the cash to the market. The last one they read was from Reverend Gordon, claiming they did the right thing, perhaps. lol.

Original airdate December 3, 1974

Written by Allan Mannings

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Stars Alvin Childess, David Lewis, Willie Trotter, Walter Pittman, Jr.

Another good episode but rather complex. This one teaches about morals and what’s really right and wrong. James did the right thing by returning the money but in so doing was harassed and ridiculed. I personally couldn’t blame James for taking the $2,000 since he got almost no reward for it, but it still wouldn’t have been right to keep it. This was probably the closest James ever came to do something dishonest. The funniest scenes were J.J. meekly asking who was at the door and when his “friends” shoved him around. It was also funny when James got rough with the reverend, believing he was there to harass them. Also when the reverend keep repeating ‘perhaps” to Florida and James’s question on the right thing. Next, we have one of my favorite episode “The Gang”.

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