S2 E9 Florida The Matchmaker

Welcome back friends. Here is our next Good Times episode, ‘Florida the Matchmaker’.  Florida seemed to be  a little too obsessed with finding a man for Willona. Hope you enjoy the review.

J.J. was looking at himself in the mirror to immortalize himself on canvas. When Thelma came out and asked him what he was doing, he said he was painting a self-portrait like many great artists do. Thelma told him he should burn it. He answered that the foxes would fight over the picture of Kid Dyn-o-mite, lol. Florida came out with a beautiful dress to go to a friend’s wedding. Thelma mentioned how nice she looked and that her smile would light up a whole room. J.J. then boasted he took after her and Thelma replied there must have been a power failure. Florida said it was at an uptown establishment called the Empire Room. J.J. stated he and his girlfriend went there and they could only afford the tip. James came out and asked if Michael came back from getting his suit. He then let on about the previous evening when he and his friends gave their friend Eddie (the groom) a bachelor party. He couldn’t remember certain things, like how he got barbecue sauce on his suit but said it was a night to remember. J.J. asked if he would have the same kind of party, James stated it would have many lights, camera and action for Kid Dyn-o-Mite , the main attraction. All J.J. needed to do was get a job.

Thelma commented on how Eddie and Lorraine had a very long courtship. Florida stated it was 18 years. Thelma stated that all their friends were married, Florida said all except Willona. When J.J. questioned why that was, James stated she was too picky and women who play hard to get don’t get got. Florida reminded that she played hard to get and was got by him. James then stated that he quit smoking because when he blew a smoke ring her finger got caught in it. (James was a smoker, stop the presses) He also stated that they went to several movies, like Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Honeymoon Hotel, Bride of Frankenstein. J.J. then joked that if Frankenstein got married, so can Dad, prompting a frown from him. James’s friend Duane called and said he would drive them to the wedding. Willona came in after and announced she wasn’t going to the wedding, she said because everyone else would get on her case about not being married and try to set her up with men she didn’t find appealing. Duane came to bring them and before they left, Florida dropped by to ask Willona to look in on the kids, despite a strong urging from James to cease from matchmaking for her. Before she went inside, she prayed for God to forgive her, but then stated that he was the one who started the matchmaking with Adam and Eve.

The next morning, Thelma is getting breakfast ready while Florida came out. James came outside a little after and was fuming about the night before. James told Thelma about the night before at the reception, when Florida tried in vain to get Willona and Duane together. Duane left in the middle, claiming he wasn’t feeling well and Willona left a half hour later, with the same reason. James reasoned they were both tired of Florida’s meddling. However, Willona and Duane came in and announced they were going to lunch together, after having dinner the night before. Willona and Florida went inside for some girl talk. Willona made it clear that even thought she and Duane liked each other, she had no intention of marrying him, She was happy in her single life and dismissed the thought of a woman over 30 who’s unmarried as an old maid, as opposed to a man over 30 as a swinger. She stated that she was not the type of woman who could raise a family. When Florida reminded her how she felt about Michael, Thelma and J.J. , she stated as much as she loved all three of them, it would bum her out. She also explained that even though she was alone, she was not lonely.

The epilogue had Florida coming back from Willona’s apartment and with news that Duane proposed but Willona declined. James stated that he knew a nice lady who worked at the car wash but Florida kissed him in mid-sentence. That would be their new way to shut each other up.

Original airdate November 26, 1974

Written by Norman Paul and Jack Elinson

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest star Lloyd Hollar

Another good episode. This one summarizes the personality of Willona. She’s an independent,  free-spirited person who doesn’t feel the need to be tied down (that will end in a few years when she adopts Penny). It also demonstrated Florida’s selflessness by her desire to see Willona happy. The funniest scenes were James’s bellowing about Florida’s actions during the reception and when he tried to meddle and Florida stopped him with the kiss. Next we will have “The Windfall”.


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