S2 E16 The Nude

Welcome back friends. Here is another review on a GT episode. This one is called ‘The Nude’. J.J. is commissioned to paint a portrait of a married woman as a gift for her husband. Only problem is she will be unclothed. Hope you enjoy the review.

J.J. came out of the elevator all excited but when he got to the door, he became very hesitant. Then he started rehearsing how to tell Florida and James his exciting news. He was asked to paint a nude portrait of a woman in the building. Thelma came by and wondered why he was talking to himself and criticized his new commission. She then thought it was great about the nudity in the picture but knew Florida and James would be upset. When they came in, J.J. announced he had good news and Thelma followed with saying he had bad news. He stated he was commissioned to paint a portrait of a woman as a birthday gift for her husband for $50. That was the good news. Thelma kept pushing to mention what kind of painting and James demanded he say it in one word, J.J. said ‘nude’. As old-fashioned as James and Florida were, they absolutely forbidded him to do so. J.J. insisted the artists of the day referred to it as ‘old natural’, while Florida stated mothers of the day called it ‘oh no you ain’t’ . J.J. tried to remind her that times have changed, Florida said maybe so, but mothers haven’t changed. Thelma even took J.J.’s side declaring that all artists at one time or another painted nude pictures. J.J. added there was Michael Angelo, Picasso, amongst others. He even mentioned a Spanish artist named Francisco Goya who painted a nude Duchess, which didn’t bother the Duke.

J.J. tried to appeal by maintaining how difficult it is to earn $50 (funny, nowadays sounds like a breeze). J.J. then let it slip that her name was Charlene Brooks A.K.A. the Wiggler. She obviously had a notorious reputation around the neighborhood. Michael came out and Florida and James suddenly stopped the conversation after mentioning wiggler. Michael responded by claiming he wanted to be bused to a new family, James threatened to bust him with his belt. After discussing the issue thoroughly, they reluctantly agreed. an eavesdropping J.J. yelled ‘Dyn-O-Mite’, then called Mrs. Brooks to confirm but her husband answered. J.J. tried to pose as her hairdresser calling about her appointment. When she came to the phone, he told her to bring at least 90% of the payment. A few minutes later, she came up with half the payment and made the appointment for 5 o’clock the next day. When she asked where his studio was, he said it was right there, causing a shocked reaction from the family.

Florida and James are adamantly opposed to J.J. painting the portrait in the apartment. Mrs. Brooks asked to have her deposit back but then Florida came up with the idea for J.J. to immortalize her in a bathing suit. Although she wanted the picture to be in her birthday suit, considering it was a birthday present, she finally agreed to the idea. When she showed up the next day in a very sexy bikini , J.J. was too stunned with ecstasy to decide which way he wanted her to pose, but finally decided she should stand straight. A neighbor called and James answered. He then angrily replied that it wasn’t Florida and hung up. Florida stated defensively ‘what did you mean by that?’. James then retracted his statement with ‘if that was you, all the windows in the projects would open’. Then he said his coffee was too cold and asked Florida for another cup of fine (lol).

When J.J. wrapped up his next session, he went inside to get another tube of paint and let on that her husband was getting wise to what was having. So wise, that is, that he came up to the apartment and threatened J.J.. Even after sizing J.J. up and calling him a mess of bones, he wanted to kill him. Florida and James came in from shopping and broke it up. Mrs. Brooks finally confessed to her husband what was going on and J.J. presented the picture. Although he had a different color bathing suit, Mr. Brooks decided he really liked it, prompting a kiss from Mrs. Brooks and telling J.J. how talented she thought he was, he gave one of his famous “I know” quotes. When Mr. Brooks complimented him and told James and Florida what a genius J.J. was, they also answered with a “I know”.

Original airdate January 14, 1975

Written by Barry E. Blitzer, Dick Bensfield and Perry Grant

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Betty Bridges, Carl Weathers

Willona did not appear in this episode

Another good episode about personal morals. Florida and James were very concerned about J.J. painting a nude portrait at such a young age, especially in the apartment. Thankfully they were compromising enough to let it happen provided she wear a bathing suit. It may have sounded a little bit sleazy for Charlene Brooks to lie to her husband, then again, she didn’t want to spoil the surprise. The funniest scenes were Florida’s remarks to James’s noticing of Mrs. Brooks.




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