S3 E3 Operation Florida

Welcome back to another GT review. this episode was entitled ‘Operation Florida’. Florida needs surgery on her gallbladder (ouch), so James takes her to an uptown hospital instead of the free clinic, which they all hated. Problem was James couldn’t afford the high expenses the hospital charged. hope you enjoy the review.

Thelma was watching her favorite soap opera and J.J. and Michael wanted to watch different shows, causing another argument between the three of them. Florida came in from shopping and ignored them. Thelma noticed and went to see what was wrong. Florida complained about a pain in her stomach and J.J. went to look in the medical encyclopedia but couldn’t find anything. James came home announcing he got a $15 a week raise. When he noticed Florida wasn’t feeling well, J.J. let it slip that they couldn’t find anything in the medical book. Florida conceded she had a pain in her side for two weeks. James insisted they go to the hospital clinic but after how they were treated there he decided to take her to the hospital. It turned out she needed an operation on her gallbladder.

The hospital was very nice and Florida felt extremely comfortable. Her roommate, Mrs. Andrews, said her husband couldn’t be there because he was away on business (hey, Florida and James may not have had much money, but she was so lucky to have him there, how much money can top that). James sent Michael to get her some roses while he went to get her a television set. Meanwhile, J.J. tried to pick up a young woman but turned out she was pregnant. When James went downstairs for the television, she overheard a patient complaining about his doctor bill. James heard they charged $1.50 for an aspirin (highway robbery in those days). The desk clerk stated that the $95 he was paying for Florida’s room did not include the operating room, recovery room and other expenses. She also  informed him that the insurance he had from his job was only up to 80%. Florida’s medical bill was estimated at $600, which James found impossible to say. He then conceded that he wanted the television for Florida to see Redd Foxx (Sanford and Son), but decided it may be cheaper if he came in person.

Meantime, Florida was having trouble adjusting her bed to the way he wanted it. When Mrs. Andrews told her which buttons to push, Florida almost wound up with whiplash until Mrs. Andrews walked over and helped her out. Michael came back and said he needed a couple more dollars for the roses, James told him to take them back. Michael then requested they take a cab home but James said they were taking the bus, causing Michael to protest they had to walk in a white neighborhood. James expressed his displeasure to Thelma and J.J. about trying to do something nice for Florida, but was unable to afford it. The doctor came out of her room and mentioned to James how many other people couldn’t afford that hospital. James muttered to himself, “I’m one of them”. He went into the room to tell a groggy Florida the news that she couldn’t stay there. She was going on how nice it was there and how well they treated her. Then she fell asleep while he was trying to tell her. He let on how it was the most expensive nap she ever took.

The epilogue had Florida come home from the hospital and the doctor said she can do the same things she did before. The family asked her to do them all kinds of favors. James then said ‘welcome home’ (lol).

Original airdate September 23, 1975

Written by Dick Bensfield and Perry Grant

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Rai Sanders, Hilda Haynes, Helen Stenborg

Another great episode. In this one, the family has to deal with illness and medical expenses. Poor James wanted to do something nice for Florida, he needed to realize you get what you pay for. He also didn’t realize that medical insurance is limited. This episode will actually continue into the next one, “Florida’s Rich Cousin”.


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