S3 E4 Florida’s Rich Cousin

Welcome back friends and fans. Here’s another review for Gt. This episode is a continuation of the previous one. It is entitled ‘Florida’s Rich Cousin”. James found himself in a financial bind after Florida’s surgery. They were also confronted with a high dental bill from J.J. and he was reluctant to ask Florida’s cousin for the money. Hope you enjoy the review.

Michael noticed that J.J. was staring at his canvas for a while and asked why he wouldn’t paint. J.J. answered he didn’t have any inspiration. Thelma suggested he paint his face and call it the birth of a chicken. Florida warned them if James came in and saw them hassling for he’s been very grouchy lately. Michael and Thelma stated he yelled at them for a half hour. J.J. said James hasn’t said anything to him all week because he’s been avoiding him. Florida said sleeping with him was tough because he snored angrily. Willona said she met him that morning at the elevator. She tried saying good morning to him and he replied ‘Hmm”. Willona decided to join him by going ‘Hmm Hmm’ and he said ‘don’t come to me with your problems’. Michael stated that his problem may have been male menopause. Florida dismissed that as nonsense and then stated maybe they should do something nice for him. J.J. suggested Thelma should run away, she answered J.J. stay and the rest of them run away. Then she reminded him that J.J.’s recent dental bill of $325 for 12 cavities put James in that sour mood. Willona questioned if he’s been brushing his teeth with hot fudge sundaes. J.J. suggested they shouldn’t pay since he considered it highway robbery. Florida stated it had to be paid and J.J. suggested sell Thelma for some pocket change, leading to another hassle between them.

James came in and grounded Thelma and J.J. for one month. Then he grounded Michael because he thought he was disrespecting him, causing Michael to protest he wasn’t old enough to go out yet. Willona tried to tell him he was being too hard on them and he responded she was grounded too. Florida said she better not get involved or he’d even ground her too. Willona got up to leave and insisted she would never come back. James answered until tomorrow, she said ‘you got that right’. J.J. offered to help him hang his coat up and James told him not to give him that $325 grin. J.J. tucked his teeth in and asked again. James stated there’s something expensive going in J.J.’s mouth and something stupid coming out. He then let on how it was bothering him that he still needed to pay for Florida’s operation and J.J.’s dental bill. Florida said somehow they’ll make it. Michael even added they all loved him, then jokingly asked him to take him off the grounded list. Florida reminded him that the night before they decided to ask Florida’s cousin Edgar, a well-to-do architect, for a loan. James decided he didn’t want to ask, for he borrowed from him several times before. Florida then told the kids he invited Edgar and his wife for dinner that evening. She went to break the news by stating they were having pork chops for dinner because Edgar and Betty were coming. James was extremely upset and left.

James was down at the bar having a beer and talking to the bartender. He ordered his third beer and the bartender reminded him he often quit after two. A drunk guy was sitting at the bar and pestering James with his criticisms on every major team in Chicago. When James decided he wouldn’t ask for the money and left, the drunk stated ‘I’m glad he’s gone, what a pest’. Back at the Evans house, Edgar and Betty arrive with a warm welcome. When they ask the whereabouts of James, she tried coming up with an excuse but then decided to come out with the truth. James didn’t want to borrow the money from them. They decided to level with them as well, they didn’t have the money because Edgar lost his job. The Evanses were bewildered how that could happen with his experience. Michael claimed they must’ve fired him because he was white. Edgar responded that they fired several white people. James came home and heard the news. He stated the politicians said there was no depression. Michael said because they were the only ones with jobs. Betty stated Edgar had interviews and many prospects but Edgar said it wasn’t true. He stated that there were many college graduates willing to work at half his price and think he was ready to collect a pension. He then stated he was only down to one indefinite interview a week. He also said he went to the movies every day and sit there all day, leave late in the afternoon knowing he should have been working and hope not to see anybody he knew. He and Betty decided to leave and caused the family to wonder if he’d be okay.

In the epilogue, Florida asked J.J. if he’s been brushing his teeth and staying away from sweets. He said yes and showed her a painting he made of a half eaten candy bar.

Original airdate October 7, 1975

Written by Roger Shulman and John Baskin

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Percy Rodriguez, Kim Hamilton, Randy Harris, Rozelle Gayle

Another good episode dealing again with the Evans family’s financial issues. The situation with Edgar taught them that no matter how bad off they were someone else had it worse. A couple things I didn’t get when Edgar said recent college graduates were getting hired over him. Truth is, Edgar would have a much better chance due to his having much more experience. When he stated he spent his days at the movies, he should’ve gotten a job as a movie critic. Also, if James had taken that construction job in “A Real Cool Job”, that could have been his turn to give Edgar a loan, after the many times Edgar came through for him.


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