S3 E5 The Politicians

Welcome back friends to another review of GT. In this episode “The Politicians”, Florida and James find themselves at odds when they back different candidates for alderman. Hope you enjoy the review.

Michael and Thelma were helping James stuffing pamphlets in support of Fred Davis, their alderman who’s running for re-election. Michael and Thelma were unsure about him, he’s been in office for 20 years and did nothing for them. J.J. came back from putting up posters around town. Florida came in from Jimmy Person’s rally. Pearson was running against Davis and didn’t fit well with James. She and Thelma claimed they thought Pearson was a much better choice and it be better from a young, new person to take over and that he stood for a lot. James told them he didn’t want to hear any more about Jimmy Pearson and then Willona came in with a Jimmy Pearson poster. When James asked her what she was doing with it, Florida informed him they invited him over that night.


An angry James expressed his disapproval of Pearson’s visit and when there was a knock on the door he answered and said ‘YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE’. However, it turned out to be Davis (played by Albert Reed who previously played Naomi’s father in Sometimes There’s No Bottom In The Bottle). He shook hands with him and said he thought he was a bill collector. Davis said he remembered having a wolf at his door and Willona joked he probably killed it and gave the furs to his wife. When he saw J.J., he mentioned how he always gets bigger, which was what he meant to say to Michael. Then he said he recalled holding him in his arms at his christening, Thelma reminded him that was her. J.J. came out and said he was voting for the first time. Thelma mentioned that Pearson tried to debate Davis for a while but Davis kept avoiding it, he answered if Pearson was there at that moment he’d cut him down to size. Then the door knocked and it was none other than Jimmy Pearson.

James insisted that he had nothing to do with Pearson’s visit, and that Florida invited him. She stated that Davis was always asking her to vote for him. She responded with after 20 years of doing nothing, she said nothing doing. Pearson said he tried phoning Davis asking him for a debate, his secretary told him he was out. J.J. answered that was understandable since a politician doesn’t want to be bothered when messing around with his secretary. Davis tried backing out by saying he was double parked and Florida said it should be no problem for he was very good at fixing other people’s tickets. Davis answered with ‘That was cold”. When Pearson and the Evans family asked Davis questions, he just kept answering with “I have very definite opinions about that” without giving definitive answers. The debate turned into a verbal showdown with them goofing on each other with rhymes. Pearson said he was only interested in the issues but Davis backed down, taking James and J.J. with him.

On Election Day, at the Pearson headquarters, Willona counted the votes and Davis got 74 and Pearson 3. Only Willona and Florida voted and Ned the Wino, with help from Michael into the booth. Pearson then conceded that he didn’t win because he was talking at the people instead of talking to them and wasn’t getting through. He then promised to be back in the next election and be better prepared. James and Florida made up and put their political differences aside.

Originally aired October 14, 1975

Written by jack Elinson and Norman Paul

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Stars Albert Reed (2nd appearance), Stanley Clay

This was Albert Reed’s first appearance in his recurring role as Alderman Fred Davis

This episode aired on Election Day, 1975

Good episode. It deals with one very important matter. Politics. It also displays how even husbands and wives and other family members can differ about candidates and issues. Also on how the better candidate does not always win. The funniest scenes were when the Evanses and Davis were snapping jokes at each other. Davis said to Pearson “You are a real smart dude with those fancy words you like to strut, but when it comes to politics, you don’t know your head from your butt”. Florida chimed in with “You say you’re a man of the people, but I say you’d steal everything including the church steeple”. James came out with “Now your eyes may shine and your teeth may grit, but the alderman’s job, you ain’t gonna get”. Willona got in with “Now those speeches you gave about crime for real heart tuggers, but those streets are so bad the muggers mug the muggers”. J.J. topped it off with “don’t worry I’ll get my chicks to vote because they don’t picket and fight, they follow the leader of Kid Dyn-O-0Mite”. Pearson said at his headquarters “You tell your man to watch out Jack, because in the next election, I will be back”.

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