S3 E6 Love In The Ghetto

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This time, Thelma gets engaged to her boyfriend Larry. This causes a great deal of protest from James and Florida, although J.J. sided with her on the matter. Hope you like the review

Thelma and Larry were out in the hallway and as Thelma started to thank him for a wonderful night. He said not so fast as they had something to tell her parents. As J.J. came out of the elevator, he heard them calling each other baby cakes and pudding pie. He questioned if they were saying good-night or opening a bakery.  Then he asked Larry what he was doing messing around with Thelma, Larry said ‘what’s it to you?’, J.J. said he was just questioning his lack of taste. When Thelma told him she should mention it to her parents alone, J.J. asked ‘Tell them what?’. Larry said if it involved them both, they should both tell them. J.J. still questioned what it was and then he noticed an engagement ring on her finger. The three of them came in and Florida asked how their nights went. J.J. said his date was a disaster because his date said nothing but four letter words, ‘stop, don’t, no-no”. James was having trouble remembering Larry’s name, even suggesting he had a mustache but Larry never grew one. J.J. claimed it was his date with the mustache. They were stalling on how to break the news to them that they became engaged. When they finally did, James and Florida opposed, of course.

Florida stated that Thelma was only in high school and James asked Larry how old he was, he answered that he was 20. James said he was only a young kid. J.J. stated that’s how old he was when he dated Florida and he said it was different. When J.J. asked why, James just gave him one of his cold stares. J.J. conceded that there had to be a good reason. Thelma said they were only engaged and would be for at least a year. She said Larry worked at a garage and when they asked if he was a mechanic and Thelma said not exactly. When they asked what he did exactly, J.J. said he exactly pumped gas. James did not take that very well but Larry explained that he was in trade school to study mechanics and would be a full-fledged mechanic in six years. James stated that they made brain surgeons in less time than that. Larry also stated he planned to have his own gas station in ten years, when he’d be 30, J.J. stated there would be no gas by then. Thelma asked Larry to go someplace for 15 minutes while she spoke to them alone. Michael came out from studying, claiming to stretch his legs and they sent him right back. Michael started protesting until James threatened to take his belt off. Thelma cried out “I love him” three times but the third time did not sound too well.

Florida wasn’t sure about the third time Thelma said it, although James didn’t care about any of them. J.J., surprisingly, stated that he thought Larry was right for Thelma and they may be doing the right thing, much to the delight of Thelma and Florida. James told him he didn’t need to hear his opinion or another word about the engagement and asked J.J. if he understood him, J.J. answered with no. James then asked him again if he was clear about not talking about the matter, J.J. again said no. Then James repeated himself a little more angrily but J.J. again said no. Thelma rushed into her room crying and thanked J.J. for siding with her. J.J. said to James as much as he loved and respected him he had to say what he said. Then he conceded that he knew James could either cut him down to size or break him in half, James answered “no way, I wouldn’t want to see two of you running around here.”. Michael came out for some cookies while James and Florida went to sit down to discuss the matter and Florida asked Michael to get James a beer, then J.J. asked for one as well, causing a pair of glares from his parents. He stated that if James did what he thought he would he should have one as well.

Thelma was in her room moping and J.J. went in to see if she was okay. Thelma invited him in so they can talk. She apologized for all the times she called him ugly and he joked that it was only her word against every other girl he knew. She thanked him for taking her side and sticking up for her. J.J. said he almost fell down for her. Meanwhile, Florida tried convincing James that Larry, in many ways, reminded her of him. she even stated that James said then same things to her father that Larry said and she could have married many other guys but chose him. She then reminded him of the good times they had when they first got married and James realized she got him off the subject. Larry came back and Thelma angrily stated that she and Larry will call off their engagement but she threatened she would see him more often and spend more time at his place than at home. This was enough to convince James to agree to them getting engaged. He then told J.J. he was proud that he stuck up for Thelma the way he did and gave him a handshake, prompting J.J. to give him a hug.

Original airdate September 30, 1975

Written by Perry Grant and Dick Bensfield

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Star Carl Franklin

Willona did not appear in the episode

Another good episode. This one demonstrated about family loyalty. No matter how much at odds J.J. and Thelma may have appeared to be, they still loved and cared for each other. Of course, when they called each other ugly they certainly didn’t mean it. It also showed that J.J. wasn’t as timid as he usually seemed in the way he stood up to James when he believed he was wrong. Unfortunately, the showdown between J.J. and James were the funniest scenes in the episode.






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