S3 E7 The Weekend

Welcome back to another review of GT. This episode was where Florida and James went away for a weekend to celebrate their 20th anniversary and were in for quite a shock. Hope you enjoy the review.

J.J. came up to Thelma and Michael and yelled “I GOT IT!”. He wanted to get them an electric blanket for their parents’ 20th anniversary. Thelma said for their 20th, they needed to get something Chinese and Michael said he never heard of a Chinese electric blanket. J.J. said such a thing would warm the bed and fry the egg roll. He then claimed when it came to jive he was the best alive. Michael answered with when it came to fools he was the head of the school. He then said Thelma was giving him lessons in putting J.J. down. Thelma said she found some very nice China serving dishes in Sears for $12. Michael said he had $3 and Thelma $6. They looked at J.J. and he claimed to be broke but Thelma and Michael knew where he stashed his money and found it. J.J. claimed he was using that money to buy some new paints for a portrait of them for their anniversary. He also bought a greeting card and made up a slogan, our love for you is out of sight from Michael, Thelma and Kid-Dyn-o-mite.

Florida came home and said hello to the kids. They all said in unison “Hi ma”. She immediately suspected they were planning to get her and James an anniversary gift but told them it wasn’t necessary. They were the best present they can ever have. James came in with the news that his boss rented them a cabin on the lake for the weekend. Florida was a bit worried about leaving the kids alone for the weekend but James assured they were old enough to care for themselves and if they’re not worried, she shouldn’t be either. J.J. and Michael went to pick up on a checker game they played earlier, with Michael having four kings and J.J. down to one checker. J.J. said to the rest of the family that he painted four more squares. Willona came in with her gift to them. She stated she came close to 20 years of marriage as well, she was only off by eighteen years. When Florida said she’d find a new man someday, Willona said she had too much fun looking. Before they left, Florida went over the rules with the kids and said Thelma was in charge. J.J. protested he was the oldest but Florida stated Thelma knew what to do more than him. She also had the hardest time leaving after saying good-bye to the kids. James stated his mother didn’t hold him back like that when he left for Korea.

James carried Florida into the cabin like they were on their honeymoon. The cabin had many things they needed except a phone. Florida was still consumed by worry for the kids. She went to the nearest phone booth to check on them. Back at home, Thelma was trying to get J.J. to clean a mess he made but he went to take over and referred to himself as El Presidente. He ordered Thelma to cook them dinner and Michael in charge of garbage detail. when she told him to make his own dinner, he took out a couple of eggs. Florida called at that time and he told her everything was great, nut Thelma and Michael were trying to yell their complaints into the phone. After J.J. hung up, they threatened to tell their parents about him as soon as they got home. J.J. yelled out they were getting on his nerves and slapped his side, with the eggs in his pockets and causing them to break.

James was fixing up the fireplace for Florida to get back. When he heard the door knocking, he answered it and hugged the woman at the door. He got very surprised when it wasn’t Florida. it turned out to be Gloria Jackson, a friend of his boss, Charlie. She also posed for a calendar as Miss December, so she looked familiar to James as he saw it on a wall in Charlie’s office.  She leaned over at the fireplace to warm up after her long drive up there, prompting a ‘have mercy” from James.  Florida came back from calling the kids and noticed Gloria. She demanded an explanation from James. Gloria decided to leave but before so, she offered to go down to his job and autograph it. He summed up to Florida that although Gloria was Miss December, she was his calendar girl all year long. He then had her put on the Chinese robe from Willona and she did likewise and he set up the bar and put out the lights. When Florida came out, he marveled “bless my fortune cookie”. Then they made a toast to 20 years. Florida said the next two days would be the best of their lives.

Original airdate October 14, 1975

Written by Norman Paul and Jack Elinson

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest star Judy Pace

A good episode which demonstrated the love and devotion between James and Florida. Even a beautiful, flirtatious woman like Gloria was no threat. The part when J.J. bought them a greeting card and wanted to paint a portrait of them showed his generous side. However, it was understandable how resentful he was when Thelma was put in charge but I do think he went a little overboard in dictating to Thelma and Michael. It was funny, however, when he caused the eggs to break.


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