S3 E8 The Baby

Hello again friends. And here is a review for another episode of GT. In this one. Florida and Willona have a friend who’s having a baby. Her husband had recently passed away and she wants to put her newborn up for adoption. Enjoy the review.

The family was preparing for a baby shower for Florida’s friend, Loretta. J.J. came out and started ordering them around. He told Michael to get the table set and for Thelma to finish wrapping gifts. When he got to Florida, however, he said she did a good job as usual. Thelma told him to stop giving orders. He answered because James was out of town and he felt the need to fill his shoes. Thelma joked that he looked like his shoes, his body was the lace and the tongue was wide open.  Florida was trying to decide what to put on Loretta’s cake. J.J. recommended something that would take up the whole cake but she decided to make it nice and simple. She then lamented the fact that it was Loretta’s third child and her husband died a few months prior. When Michael asked when she was due, Florida answered in 4-5 weeks but cautioned that deliveries are often undependable. When Michael asked if they were on time, she said he and Thelma were but J.J. was late. J.J. responded he couldn’t help it if his watch stopped.

Willona came in and joked about a doll she found that cries, grows hair and has babies(lol). Then she said after having a bunch of babies they sell baby pills. Willona decided on getting the baby a teddy bear. Two other friends came and then Loretta came for the surprise. She was not very much in a party mood or was willing to accept gifts for she was planning to give the baby up for adoption. Florida, Willona, the family and all of their friends tried desperately to get her to change your mind. They got her to stay for dinner while Florida and the ladies went to do some shopping. Michael and J.J. were home keeping her company when she suddenly went into labor.

She asked J.J. not to get excited and J.J. claimed he was steady as a rock but when she claimed the baby was coming right away, he yelled “MOOOOOM”. Loretta gave J.J. the number of her doctor. He accidentally dialed a wrong number and it turned out to be a veterinarian. J.J. called the cab company next but when he mentioned he was in the projects, they hung the phone up, prompting J.J. to say that’s why they are called the yellow cab company. Then he called the police to come for help but Loretta’s three minute pains kept coming, causing him to say this is murder (Oops)! They transferred him to homicide but Michael, who rushed to find Florida, came in so J.J. hung up. Florida sent Michael to get one of their neighbors, who was a mid-wife. When she wasn’t home, Florida, Willona and Thelma went in to help Loretta deliver, while J.J. and Michael waited outside. Michael asked J.J. if he hoped for a girl or boy, J.J. said he was hoping for a son. (J.J. starting acting as if the child was his). He said if it was a boy, he’d name it J.J.J.. Then he conceded that whatever it was, it wouldn’t matter since they’d never see it. Finally, the baby was born (a son) and Florida went to call the adoption agency, albeit reluctantly, to start making arrangements for the adoption. Thelma came out excitedly and stated when she accidentally placed the baby in front of Loretta, who held him in her arms and started considering keeping him. When the person in charge of the adoption answered, Florida said it was a false alarm.

Originally aired October 21, 1975

Written by Bruce Howard

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Mary Alice, Vivian Bonnell, Estelle Evans

James did not appear in this episode

A good episode that displays the hardships of single parenting. My only criticism is how they delivered the baby so fast. As many of us know, labor goes on for endless hours, even a few days. The ending may have seemed unpredictable, as happy as it was. Thelma had no place to put the baby but in front of Loretta, which got her to change her mind. The funniest scenes were the dialogue between Michael and J.J., when they were waiting for the delivery.

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