S3 E11 Florida’s Protest

Welcome back y’all. Thank you for joining me in another review of GT. this episode is entitled “Florida’s Protest”. The family gets food poisoning thanks to a roast Florida purchased at the neighborhood store and resulted in getting her and Willona arrested. Hope you enjoy the review.

Michael and Thelma were marveling at how wonderful Florida’s roasts smell and are getting impatient for dinner. J.J. came out and said ‘hello there roast, welcome, you been a stranger too long, just wanted to introduce you to my stomach, because we’ll be meeting later for dinner.’ Florida asked him to stay out of the kitchen and stop talking to the roast. James came out and said ‘hello, roast baby, what’s happening, you’re looking good’. Florida asked everyone to please stay out of the kitchen or she’ll never get it done. The family was just too excited for they never had that before. James asked Florida how much she paid for it and she answered $12 and change. James got a little upset at first but Florida stated they had a little money left over so why not give them a treat. Willona came in with some groceries she bought from the same store and how they ripped her off by charging one day groceries for only one week’s paycheck. When the roast was finally ready, she had everyone (including Willona) to the table. Willona stated it looked delicious and smelled gorgeous. Michael warned J.J. that once the roast hit the table it was every man for himself’. J.J. said the blessing with ‘Lord, thank you for taking the time to send us all this hunk of prime, Amen.’ Then the family finally settled down to eat.

The next morning, J.J. came out and made several requests for breakfast. Florida said one oatmeal coming up. Michael claimed his stomach wasn’t feeling well. Florida conceded that hers didn’t feel right either. Thelma came out and had the same complaint. She said she felt the way J.J. looked, causing Michael to say she felt worse than him. James came out and his stomach felt worse, he felt so bad he couldn’t go to work that day. Willona came in and it was the same result. Michael asked why Florida even shopped there, she answered it was the only market in the neighborhood and the rest they needed a car to get to. Then she suggested to Willona that they and their friends should form a picket line in front of that same store that screwed James when he took the trouble to return that stolen loot. Willona said she just needed to get her coat and go to the bathroom. Florida asked James to look after the kids while she was gone, but first, he had to run to the bathroom as well. James was laying in his room while J.J. and Thelma brought the television in for him to watch. They had Florida, Willona and their fellow picketers on the news. Unfortunately, the police came to break it up and Florida and Willona were arrested.


Florida and Willona were down at the local jail and Willona was screaming to get out. Florida tried getting her to calm down, for James was on his way to bail them out. Willona was going crazy and even screamed that she felt the need to break out. (Good thing the guards didn’t hear that or she’d really be in trouble) The guard brought a hooker in who claimed she was just an independent business woman. (which was why they booked her) an elderly woman claimed she was street walking, she saw her husband walking with another woman and she knocked her down and walked over her for five minutes, prompting a high-five from the hooker. James insisted on making a stop at the grocery store so he can tell them off. Florida was worried about having to come down and bail him out. Willona decided to go home and forget the whole thing, but James said she was on TV. She responded she hoped they got her good side.

Mr. Gauge, the manger of the store, was on the phone with the store owner, and explained how he called the cops to end the demonstration. Florida and James came in and James angrily demanded why he called the police but Mr. Gauge denied it and blamed it on Mr. Borden. He also tricked them into thinking he was on their side and he would go out of his way to help make some changes and improvements. A skeptical James angrily threatened him to make good on his word or else. Florida, the more gullible of them, tried to apologize to Mr. Gauge for James’s rudeness, she over heard him on the phone with Mr. Borden and that he was lying through his teeth to them. She and James decided to get even by tricking Mr. Gauge into eating the leftover roast they had.

Florida and James returned to Mr. Gauge’s office with their friend, Warren Corrigan. They claimed that Mr. Corrigan was from the FDA. They brought their leftover roast for Mr. Gauge, who claimed he couldn’t remember his last home cooked meal. Mr. Gauge made up many excuses like he had to take care of the store. Mr. Corrigan answered if he didn’t want it, he would have it and report it down to the office of the FDA. Mr. Gauge abruptly stopped him and decided to be the guinea pig. Then he went into the bathroom to throw up. Warren had a good laugh with Florida and James and then went to his job at the garage. Florida and James laughed to each other how for the first time in their lives, they got even.

Original airdate November 25, 1975

Written by Patricia Edwards and Allan Mannings

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Adrian Ricard, Nedra Volz, Betty Waldron, Lester Wilson, Fred D. Scott

Another good episode. It may have fallen short on the plausibility scale. If I’m not mistaking, there are laws against grocery stores selling bad food to consumers. If the Evanses received food poisoning because of the tainted meat, that could give them grounds for a major lawsuit, just like every other resident in their neighborhood. That supermarket would have very quickly gotten run out of business and file for bankruptcy. Plus, if James missed a day of work under those circumstances, they would also be responsible for worker’s compensation.



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