S3 E13 A Loss Of Confidence

Hello again friends and fans. Welcome to another episode of GT. The unthinkable happens in this episode. J.J. gets turned down by the girl of his dreams and the sparks in KID Dyn-O-Mite may have gone out. Hope you enjoy the review.

J.J. asked James if he could borrow his razor for a date that evening. He asked him jokingly if he was no longer using tweezers. J.J. was dating a new girl and when they questioned what happened to his old girlfriend, Delightful Delilah, he stated when he took her out last time, she didn’t pay her own way. James stated that pretty soon Michael would be chasing girls, Michael broke the news that he already caught a few. They asked who his new girlfriend was, he said he took J.J.’s advice to play the field. Florida asked him when he started listening to J.J., he said J.J. talked in his sleep a lot and he did a lot of listening. Thelma came home with her friend, Joanne Taylor, who was just voted homecoming queen. Thelma was tutoring Joanne for a French test. Joanne noticed his paintings and was fascinated. When J.J. came out looking for aftershave and saw Joanne, he was instantly smitten. When he finally worked up the nerve to say hello to Joanne, she and Thelma were inside studying. They asked Michael to do his homework, he said he had biology and was learning that subject fast. This caused James to say there was something about the Evans men.

Florida made a couple of cold drinks for Thelma and Joanne and J.J. offered to deliver them to the girls. He thought he could help Joanne with French, although he knew nothing about it. All he could do was tell Joanne if she speaks any foreign language, just don’t speak it in English. J.J. left the room thinking he succeeded with her, claiming the only French word she would say was “ooh la la”. He even went to change into his “killer threads”. James asked if Florida ever knew anyone that stuck on themselves. Florida said ‘yep, I married him’. Willona came in while they were kissing and answered they were at it again. James asked her why doesn’t she ever knock. She said the bicentennial got next to her and she wanted to say she was there and that was the way it was. James suggested she make a real bicentennial and only visit them every 200 years. Willona claimed she was also homecoming queen as a teenager, James stated she was a long way from home. Thelma and Joanne were finished studying and J.J. asked Joanne out for a date but she turned him down.

James woke up from a nap claiming he couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet. That was quite a rarity in their apartment. J.J. came home from work in a depressed mood. He claimed he was having difficulty focusing on his job. He hadn’t been himself since he met Joanne. He then told James he was handsome and Florida was beautiful. He then told Thelma she was good-looking (one of the only times he ever did) and the same to Michael, then he wondered what happened to him. They tried to help him restore his confidence by reminding him of the nicknames he gave his girlfriends. He conceded that Delightful Delilah was actually Delilah the Dog and Gorgeous Gertrude was really Gertrude the Gorilla. Then stated Marvelous Myrna the Human Burner was only Myrna the Monster. He then stated that the only girls he can get are the ones other guys shun.

Joanne came to visit and requested to speak to J.J. privately. When they went to sit on the couch and the family resorted to the kitchen, although Michael sat on the couch reading a magazine and claimed he didn’t care what they had to say. James demanded he come join them in the kitchen. Joanne reasoned she turned him down because she usually dated jocks and considered him a creative genius because of his art work and didn’t know what to talk to him about. It sounded like she didn’t think she was good enough for him. J.J. asked her out again for that evening after he got off art school. Before Joanne left, she told Florida and James that J.J. had a lot of class, they answered ‘we know’.

Originally aired December 9, 1975

Written by Norman Paul and Jack Elinson

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest star Catherine Lee Smith

Another good episode. This one talks about how even the best of us have a vulnerable side. J.J.’s happy-go-lucky personality turned to depression and lack of self-esteem due to being rejected. Even Joanne believed she wasn’t good enough for J.J., instead of thinking she was too good for him. It ended happily and J.J. returned to his jovial self.

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