S3 E18 J.J.’s Fiancée Part 2

Welcome back friends. Here is the conclusion of J.J.’s Fiancée. J.J. and Diana elope and in a twist similar to Romeo and Juliet, tragedy strikes. Hope you enjoy the review.

James still expressed his disapproval for J.J. and Diana’s elopement. J.J. still insisted on eloping. Diana appeared to have come to her senses and told J.J. to drop  it. Willona came by and starting recollecting about her senior prom, calling it the summer of her life. James stated if he recalled correctly the summer of ’49. Willona replied she was the only 4 year old in her class (lol). Diana wanted to leave early, claiming to be in the party mood.  J.J. went in the room to get her purse, which  was identical to Thelma’s. When she and J.J. out to the elevator, she told him she was putting on an act to their parents and they were going to elope.

J.J. and Diana checked into a motel in Indiana. When J.J. and Diana asked the innkeeper how to get in touch with a preacher and he reminded them they said they were married. J.J. said it felt so good they wanted to do it again. The innkeeper stated there were hundreds of other young people coming in  the state at that time of year to marry. He said he’d give them all the help they needed for the best price. Meanwhile, Thelma came home hysterical because J.J. and Diana never showed up for the prom. Plus, J.J. mistakenly gave Diana Thelma’s purse and inside of it was a dope shooter and needle. (You guessed it, Diana was a drug addict, unbeknownst to J.J., of course).

Fred Buchanan stated how if there’s trouble, they got it. He blamed J.J. for getting her on that stuff. James and Florida defensively stated J.J. had more sense than that and they brought him up right. Fred argued that they implied they brought her up wrong. Lucille told him to calm down and then stated she noticed moods in her behavior and frequent headaches she claimed to have. Fred argued he wanted to blame everybody and anybody and James told him he should blame the pushers on the streets for offering them the substances and then getting them into the hard stuff. When they found a phone number in the purse with no name (the number of the pusher), James got Thelma to pose as Diana and call the pusher for more drugs.

Back at the motel, J.J. came in the room with two cans of Dr. Pepper for him and Diana. a nervous Diana was waiting for the manager to come back for their nuptial arrangements. She went into the bathroom to freshen up then realized J.J. took Thelma’s purse instead of hers and panicked (her drugs were left behind). Meanwhile, James, Florida and the Buchanans waited for the pusher to arrive. When he came, they saw it was only a little kid who delivered for the pusher. Florida and Lucille came out to meet the smart mouthed punk. When they asked his name, he answered Little Bo Peep, James  answered he better watch his mouth or he’d lose much more than his sheep. Florida suggested they call the police but the mini-punk answered he’d be 40 by the time juvenile court got around to him. (The way he was going he wouldn’t have lived that long) When he asked if they were interested in buying, James flushed his powder down the toilet. The little kid answered ‘Cool, there’s more where that came from’. (Yeah right, if he goes back to the pusher without the cash, he’s dead).

untitled j.j.'s fiancee's 4

The manager returned with the news that they can get married in three more days due to a state induced law and for them to get their marriage license in the morning, and a two day waiting period.  Diana was extremely nervous and stated she couldn’t go on long without, then stopped. She went to say they didn’t have a change of clothes. J.J. asked the manager to give them time to talk about it. J.J. tried to calm Diana down and that everything would be okay. She stated she was not okay and that she didn’t feel well and went in the bathroom, causing J.J. to wonder if he was worth that much, then concluded that maybe he was. J.J. called his parents (collect) to let them know they were okay. Florida told him they weren’t okay but J.J. refused to believe she had a drug problem. He thought his parents were making it up to try discouraging him to marry her. James got on the phone to reason with him. J.J. knocked on the bathroom door to question her but when she didn’t answer, he entered but found her gone with the window wide open (she ran out to find some new drugs). J.J. was so devastated he couldn’t even continue the phone conversation with James.

Originally aired January 13, 1976

Written by Roger Shulman, John Baskin, Norman Paul, Jack Elinson

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Stars Debbie Allen, Sonny Jim Gaines, Marie Moore, Philip Baker Hall, Edward Crawford (2nd appearance)

Michael did not appear in this episode

There you have it, the conclusion. It turned out that Diana was into drugs. It pretty much describes her behavior from Part 1. I always thought at the end Diana jumped out the window and leapt to her death, like she was so freaked out about forgetting her drugs she just snapped. As I mentioned earlier,  she went to find another pusher to supply her with some new drugs. I guess when J.J. made that look he must have realized the truth about her.

One thought on “S3 E18 J.J.’s Fiancée Part 2

  1. When JJ learned Diana was on dope,drugs,heroine was a real sad time each minute i watch it,because i know so many in the world can “relate.” Sad he did not realize Diana Buchanan was literally an addict. JJ had no idea.
    I am watching this episode tonight on Tv One.

    (CH.TV ONE GOOD TIMES MARATHON) glad it’s on each week day or weekend.”I try not to miss it and i m always taping a few at a time,sometimes. Great write up, here at Jimihaze68 website blog on Good times. Poor JJ. IMO(In my opinion) JJ was a funny great personality confidence etc, was clear and enjoyable to watch,but i think he was “never” truly IN love, or found REAL love true love on the show. IMO that was the saddest part, and this episode prove it.Poor JJ. But love actor Jimmie Walker and i am glad in his early 70s he is doing well health-wise, and seem happy, in his senior citizen years, he truly seem happy, so god bless JJ and the cast of #Goodtimes the show is still a fave of mine born during mid to late seventies.love it!

    God bless all of them! JJ,JAMES THELMA,MICHAEL,FLORIDA(RIP)to her. and i love Willona alot too.”


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