S3 E19 Sweet Daddy Williams

Welcome back  friends  and fans to another review of GT. In this episode, we meet loan shark Sweet Daddy Williams, who has hired J.J. to paint a portrait of his girlfriend and result in a one-man show. Hope you enjoy the review.

Florida asked J.J. if she can fix him a sandwich, he said he was working on a portrait of a  woman and needed complete silence. Michael slammed the door on his way in then Thelma came home with another door slam. J.J. said next time someone slams the door and disturbs his concentration, they would feel his wrath. James came in with another door slam. They all checked his painting out and asked who was the woman on his canvas. Their friend Adrian came to visit and identified the painting as Savannah Jones, who was dating Sweet Daddy Williams. Sweet Daddy commissioned J.J. to paint her portrait and give him a one man show. James described her as a UFO (ugly, feisty and obnoxious).

Sweet Daddy came to pay a visit. He asked J.J. what was happening and J.J. answered he was more concerned about what will happen. He asked if  he can come in, James said he can come in, then make a U-turn and go out. Sweet Daddy asked Michael if he’d become an artist when he grew up, he said he would become a lawyer and clean out the ghetto with low lives like him. Sweet Daddy asked J.J. for a beer but J.J. tried telling him their refrigerator was out of kilters. James interrupted him in mid-sentence with ‘sure, you can have a beer’. when he opened it, it fizzled all over Sweet Daddy’s outfit. When he announced sponsoring J.J.’s one man art show, James and Florida had reservations but after persuasion from J.J. and the other kids, they relented. J.J. then beamed that James was the best father in the world.

Michael came home early the next day, he said Sweet Daddy and his hoods gave him a ride in Sweet Daddy’s silver Cadillac. Thelma stated that J.J. had to work and couldn’t finish his portrait of Savannah, so Sweet Daddy stole all their chickens and forced J.J.’s boss to buy them all back the next day at 50 cents more. J.J. came out with an outfit similar to Sweet Daddy’s. Florida and the kids were not too thrilled with him emulating the hood. Then somebody came to deliver them a new refrigerator, courteousy of Sweet Daddy.  James came home complaining about the rough day he had, then went to the refrigerator for a beer, not even minding a warm one. It wasn’t until after when he realized it was from Sweet Daddy. He then protested they couldn’t keep it and was about to call the hood to send it back. Sweet Daddy, at this time, came over with his girlfriend, Savannah. She stated J.J. looked like a typical artist, that he was starving. She stated how excited she was for she was never immortalized on canvas before. Savannah took one look at J.J.’s painting and immediately expressed her disapproval. J.J. explained he painted her from the snap photo Sweet Daddy gave him. She threatened to beat J.J. over the head with her purse, if it weren’t so expensive, then bawled out Sweet Daddy for the photo. Before leaving, she told J.J. he should know a woman when he saw one, James responded when he sees one, he’ll paint her. Then called her a skank and threw her out. Sweet Daddy cancelled J.J.’s one man art show, when James tried to stop him, the hoods stared him down. (the only time we ever saw James back down from someone) Then he had his hoods undress J.J. of the outfit he gave him. He then announced he’d be back the next day to take back the refrigerator. Florida stated it was a mixed blessing. The bad news is he wouldn’t have his one man show, the good news was Sweet Daddy may have taken credit for the exhibit.

Original airdate January 20, 1976

Written by James Ritz

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Stars Theodore Wilson, Larry Greene, Ernie Barnes, Adrian Ricard, Bebe Drake

Willona did not appear in this episode

Good episode. It may not have ended happily, but at least the Evans family would have a clear conscience that they didn’t get a penny of Sweet Daddy’s dirty money. It also would have been a good break for J.J., although not the proper way for him to earn it. In conclusion, the episode dealt mainly with morals and the importance of sticking to the right road to success.



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