S3 E20 The Investigation

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This time around, Michael wrote a letter to Cuba for a research on a class project and it causes a great deal of commotion. Hope you enjoy the review.

Florida and Wanda were returning from the laundry room. Wanda said when Florida does laundry, she really does laundry. She stated most of it was James’s clothes and in his line of work, he not only gets ring around the collar, he gets it around everything. Florida mentioned James was up for a promotion at his job. She also stated there was a three bedroom apartment downstairs with two bathrooms and maybe if all went well, they could afford it. J.J. came home with the news he was fired from his job. He lamented things wouldn’t be the same without his chicken hat. Every time he said yes and no, she said yes and no. Wanda told him to chin up since that was the year of the bicentennial (1976). They were able to enjoy 100 years of freedom. J.J. corrected her that it was 200 years. Wanda said 200 years for the white people, but 100 years for them (100 years would have been the centennial). Florida cheered him up with a piece of sweet potato pie. He stated he may be unemployed but still had a working stomach. Florida then found a pamphlet called The Glorious Cuban Revolution. It contained pictures of Castro and about how happy the Cubans were at the time. J.J. denied having anything to do with it and suggested maybe Ned the Wino did. Florida stated Ned the Wino did not go into their house. J.J. answered every Halloween he did when he went trick or treating for muscatel (hold on, what about the time when Michael brought him home to help him sober up).

Thelma came in and J.J. was immediately pointing an accusing finger at her. He said guilty was written all over her face and she answered with ugly was written all over his. Florida tried asking her about the pamphlet but J.J. tried to do it legally. He said she had the right to remain silent until Florida took over and asked her if that was hers. She answered with that’s ridiculous. J.J. asked if that meant yes or no, of course, it meant no. Florida asked them if it belonged to neither of them, whose was it. Michael came home and asked what they were doing with it. He claimed he put it in J.J.’s drawer by mistake and that he was using that for a history assignment. He decided to compare the American Revolution with the Cuban Revolution, for they were a democracy and Cuba was a dictatorship. He wrote to the Cuban government and they sent that pamphlet to him. J.J. came to the conclusion that that was why he lost his job. Florida stated that business was just slow and there was no way he could have lost the job because of Michael. Then James came home with the news that he lost his job as well.

James stated that he always knew the reason why he was fired, but this time he was fired for no reason. J.J. stated that Michael was making pen pals with Fidel Castro. It may have just been a coincidence and that they believed the Evans family were a security risk. Wanda came by again and shushed everybody, then looked outside in the hallway. They asked her what was wrong and each of her answered were repeated. She stated an FBI agent came by to question her about her relationship to the Evans family. She feigned a foreign accent and said ‘Sorry, no speak English’. James then concluded that the F.B.I. came to question his boss, the boss got nervous and fired him. J.J. was looking around the apartment to see if they were bugged by any chance. Michael reasoned that anything that would be bugged would be the phone.

An F.B.I. agent came to the door and explained it was routine that they question who was receiving Cuban propaganda by mail. when it was established that Michael was the culprit, the agent told James he straightened it out with his job and he had it back. Instead of thanking him, he questioned about other people who wouldn’t be so lucky. Florida even stated how people have a right to privacy and they get uncomfortable by them poking around. He answered it was an uneasy world. J.J. reminded him  that he was also fired, the agent stated he never spoke to his boss, causing J.J. to wonder why he lost his job. James then stated that he felt somewhere out there, he was on somebody’s file

In the epilogue (the first in a while), Florida was making dinner and James came home and stated that although he still had his job he lost the promotion after all that turmoil over Cuba. J.J. came home with the announcement that he got a new job, this one had him delivering ribs.

Original airdate January 27, 1976

Written by Bruce Howard

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stats Helen Martin, Don Marshall

Willona did not appear in this episode

A good episode. communism was a big thing in the 1970s, although it may not be too believable or plausible how the Evans family would be considered a security risk all because of Michael’s school project. Also, we never found out the reason why J.J. lost his job at the chicken shack.

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