S3 E23 The Break-Up

Greetings again friends. Here we are with another review of GT. In this episode, Thelma’s boyfriend, Larry, is offered a job in Los Angeles and she must decide whether to go with him or stay in Chicago with her family. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 323

Thelma was dancing to music while Michael was reading. J.J. came out and danced along with her. Thelma turned the music off and J.J. loudly protested that he was getting into it. He then stated that she’d only be happy if Larry was tiptoeing with her. She said that was untrue for Larry disliked ballet. J.J. then declared Larry didn’t like any of the things she liked, which meant he had good taste. Then he said that she didn’t love Larry as much as she thought. James came out looing for a snack. He asked where the chicken, ham and peanut butter were. It turned out J.J. ate them earlier. James decided on a jam sandwich, two slices of bread jammed together. Willona came in and announced the elevator had broken down. James chastised her for leaving her apartment when she knew it was out of order, for she had to climb up 17 flights of stairs again. She stated Florida was on the 8th floor with 3 bags of groceries. James and Michael went down to help her out. James asked J.J. to join them, he said he’d be right up there to answer the door for them. James asked if all his snacks filled him up, J.J. said they did. James answered that was good because he would get no dinner that evening.

untitled 323a

Thelma told Willona that he had a record album by Mozart that she wanted Larry to hear. J.J. stated he was taking his girlfriend to a concert by Motown, and that his mo will definitely out mo her mo. Willona questioned who she was , he answered her name was Sexy Samantha, the human panther. Thelma answered after dating him, she’d be an endangered species. When Florida came in with groceries and J.J. helped put them away, he stated that his old gym teacher said walking up the stairs built muscle in your legs. She asked why he didn’t come down and help, he answered he already had so much muscle he wouldn’t know where to put it. James suggested he put it in his empty head. Michael went downstairs to help some women with their groceries, he said they were paying good money. Larry came in and Michael was surprised he wasn’t breathing hard. He said he just fixed the elevator. He told Thelma that his boss let him off and a customer gave him 2 tickets to the Bulls game.

untitled 323b

Larry invited James to go with him to the game. A disappointed Thelma wanted to go to a movie with him as they planned. Larry said he would much rather have taken her but she didn’t like basketball (in “The Encyclopedia Hustle”, didn’t a bunch of guys ask her to the basketball game, when did she change her mind about that?). James went to put his lucky sweater on. Florida asked Thelma if something was wrong. Thelma said she was fine. Only she put ice cream in the cupboard. she was worried things weren’t the same with her and Larry. Just as James was ready to leave, Larry came back with the news that he got a call from his uncle, who owned a garage in Los Angeles and asked him to become a partner in the garage, which he immediately accepted. He changed his plans about the game and gave both tickets to James. He told him he could give the other ticket to J.J. or Michael. He then announced he was taking Thelma out for dinner and they had some heavy duty decisions to make.


James was angry with the notion of Thelma moving all the way to Los Angeles with Larry. Michael reminded him that before he said Larry was the greatest guy in the world. James stated that was when he had the tickets and it was before he was planning to take her 2,000 miles away. Thelma got upset and went into her room. She stated that everybody was deciding what she should do except for her. James yelled she didn’t have to for he was making the decision for her and he decided against it. Florida reminded him if he kept yelling like that it would only cause Thelma to rebel. James then accused her of having a stubborn attitude and started to wonder where she got it from. Florida joked ‘I would never know’. Next, J.J. and Michael started arguing who would get her bedroom when she was gone. J.J. stated he was the oldest, but Michael asserted he was the strongest.

untitled 323d

Florida berated Michael and J.J. for arguing over something that inconsistent when there was every chance of Thelma leaving. J.J. and Michael apologized, but Michael asked if she did leave could he get the room. James said he wanted to do something about it and started to head into her room, then he stopped and said for Florida to go in and talk to her. Florida said it would be best to just leave her alone. Thelma was inside looking at Larry’s picture and saying how he can surprise a girl. J.J. came in to apologize and stated how his mouth runs away with him. It was his turn to be surprised when she didn’t answer with a smart remark. He then told her he was always be around for her and she opened up to him about how she felt about Larry. She felt very safe and secure with him but felt they were going in two different directions.  She didn’t think it would work between the two of them out in L.A. but couldn’t find a way to tell him. Then she told J.J. how much she loved him and how happy she was he was her brother. He stated he was also happy because if they were sisters they’d be fighting over mascara.


That evening, Thelma and Larry were out for dinner to celebrate his good news. Every time he would bring up L.A., she would interrupt him with some nonsensical subjects. When Larry finally got a world in edgewise, he said he had some important things to talk about and wanted to do the talking and she do the listening. At that moment, J.J. and his girlfriend Samantha came by and joined them, further stalling Larry from his announcement. Although J.J. claimed it was coincidence to meet there, Larry had the feeling it wasn’t. He asked Thelma to level with him that she did not want to go to L.A., she said it was a major step and she wasn’t ready. Larry decided that with all the things that were right between them, there were also many things that were wrong. He ordered four fillet mignons on the occasion that it was a farewell dinner.

Originally aired February 24, 1976

Written by Bob Peete

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest Stars Carl Franklin (2nd appearance) , Debbi Morgan, Alan Brasington

Another good episode. This one reflected on Thelma’s true feelings when she had to decide between staying home with her family or going to Los Angeles with Larry. Eventually she made the right decision. It proved that Thelma was very mature for her age, since many young people usually decide on what they think is more fun and not about the first priority.


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