S4 E3 J.J. And The Older Woman

Welcome back friends and fans. Here is another review of GT. In this episode, J.J. is dating a woman who happens to be 15 years his senior. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 403

Thelma is expecting a visit form her ballet teacher, Miss Bishop. Thelma prepared  a guacamole for her to try. Thelma was very excited about her teacher, calling her a beautiful person. She was also taking Thelma to the next ballet recital. J.J. came out and asked if Florida was finished ironing his shirt. He wanted to wear it for his date that evening with his new girlfriend, Barbara the barbarian. When Ms. Bishop arrived, Thelma begged for everyone to be cool but when she introduced them, she said ‘Ms. Mother, this is my bishop’. lol. Once she noticed J.J.’s paintings, she was immediately fascinated. She neglected everything else around and marveled at how ingenious J.J. really was. When he came outside ready to leave for his date, Ms. Bishop introduced herself to him as Jessica and when she left a few minutes later, after giving Thelma the ballet book she promised, J.J. walked her to the elevator. Outside in the hallway, J.J. and Jessica exchanged a few pleasantries which resulted in a passionate kiss.

untitled 403c

The next morning, the alarm clock went off and a half-asleep Michael asked J.J. to turn it off. Then he realized J.J. wasn’t home and when Florida came out, he tried to hide it from her. Florida assumed J.J. was in the bathroom and asked him to hurry for Michael to get in there, Michael insisted he could wait. When Thelma got up and went in, Florida stated he was in there. Thelma said if he was, somebody must have flushed him. Florida demanded to know from Michael where he was. J.J. came in at this moment and Florida hugged him and went on about how glad she was he was home, then she came down on him for staying out all night and worrying her like he did. He claimed they were painting, but ran out of paint, and they drove all the way to the other side of town for more. Florida, however, wouldn’t buy it. After Thelma and Michael left for school and Florida started her talking to to J.J., she opened the door and saw Michael listening on the other side.

untitled 403a

Florida was telling J.J. that she was worried about him getting involved with a 35 year-old woman when he was only 20. He said how aware of his age he was and she thought of himself as the Hank Aaron of love but was worried about him getting hurt. He stated that he felt his life was changing for him. Before he met her, life was like a hamburger but now felt he was getting  in a cut of prime rib. Florida insisted she didn’t want to see him flying high, only to be in for a crash landing. Willona came in with a bracelet J.J. asked her to have engraved. However, the engraving was too expensive for him to get all the letters in. Willona stated he was happy as a little kid on Christmas although Florida said she didn’t like the toys he was playing with. Florida asked Willona what a woman Jessica’s age would really want with a younger man. Willona answered as romantic, exciting, fantastic and mythical as she was with younger men, it was also heartbreaking, but only for him.

untitled 403b

Jessica arrived at the Evans apartment to give J.J. a ride to work, but had already missed him. Florida started questioning why she was interested in a man 15 years younger than him. Florida also stressed that she was afraid what if Jessica ever fell out of love with J.J. Jessica stated that would never happen. J.J. was at her house that night and she asked him to move in with her. She mentioned that she wasn’t only talking change with him, but also commitment. She wanted to share everything with him. J.J. seemed a bit reluctant because he felt he was needed at home. She questioned if he was afraid of moving in. He then admitted he wasn’t ready for that and with her talking about ‘we’ and he still needed to find himself. J.J. decided they could still be friends and before he left, Jessica asked him to mention to Florida that he was the one who broke it off, not her.

Original airdate October 6, 1976

Written by Bruce Howard and Sid Dorfman

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest star Rosalind Cash

A good episode which basically was to demonstrate what a great ladies man J.J. was. It also proved how J.J. was growing up and was mature enough to make the right decision. This season, especially, J.J. needed to grow up since he was the man of the house after James’s death. Very little humor was used, which possibly was because they needed to reflect on the serious side of J.J.


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