S4 E5 Michael’s Great Romance

Welcome back friends. Here’s to another review of GT. Michael has a wild crush on a girl named Yvonne. Problem is, every time he gets near her he’s too nervous even to speak to her. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 405

J.J. was on the phone with one of his girlfriends trying to explain why he broke their date. He claimed he was sick and that the woman he was with was giving him first aid when she actually was hugging and kissing him. Thelma, who was expecting a call, disconnected the phone, making J.J. pretty angry. Florida told Thelma she shouldn’t have done that, for she was going to do it herself. Michael came home in a foul mood. When Florida said hi and asked  what was wrong, he answered “Don’t Michael me”. He then apologized, claiming he didn’t see her there. Florida stated her new diet was working better than she thought it was. She asked Michael if he was feeling okay or if something was bothering him. Willona came in with some gossip and with two tickets to see Rev. Jesse Jackson. Michael declined and gave the tickets to J.J.. Then he commented how J.J. could get a girl to go any place with him but he can’t. It turned out Michael was in love with a girl in his class named Yvonne. She was beautiful, wealthy and smart.

untitled 405a

Michael explained that earlier that day Yvonne asked Michael to borrow his notebook because she was absent the day before. His hands were shaking when he handed it to her and he was unable to speak. She said she would stop by to bring it back that night but Michael was considering calling her with news that he was sick. J.J. tried to coach him into what to say and how to act. They even had him practice with Florida, pretending to ask her for a date. Then J.J. gave Michael a confidence boost, he had him say “I am the greatest, I can have any girl that I want, I am afraid of Yvonne.” When she knocked on the door, he added “tell her I’m not here”. When she came in, J.J. treated her so well that she wound up going for him. An angry Michael called J.J. over and punched  him in the stomach.untitled 405b

That evening, J.J. tried talking to Michael about what happened but Michael refused to listen. He tried telling Michael that they were brothers and nothing would ever come between them. He even stated they were as tight as The Wright Brothers or the Doobie Brothers. Michael suggested Cain and Abel. He then refused to sleep on the couch with him. He took the blanket and went to sleep in the couch. The commotion woke up Florida and she asked Michael to come inside her bedroom so she can give him a talking to. She explained to him that what happened wasn’t J.J.’s fault. The problem was Michael was so nervous and shy around Yvonne that he was no fun to be around. Yvonne liked J.J. because he was alive and sure of himself. She advised him to have more confidence, otherwise he’d have nothing going for him but a cold plate of grits. Michael went outside and apologized to J.J. Then he asked J.J. to take a shot at him and call it even. J.J. was too tired and didn’t want to, but Michael kept goading him to do so, leading to a pillow fight between the brothers.

untitled 405d

The next day Yvonne came over to apologize for the incident. Thelma had Yvonne come to her bedroom to listen to music while they waited for Michael to come home. Michael came in and asked what was for dinner, J.J. answered Yvonne. Michael suddenly got nervous and claimed to have basketball practice. When Yvonne came out, and the family excused themselves to give them privacy, Michael starting acting the way J.J. did, claiming to be the coolest, the hippest, Yvonne added the stupidest. She stated she liked when J.J. acted that way because that was J.J.. She said “will the real Michael Evans please stand up?”. She also said she thought he was a very nice guy. Michael asked if they can start over right away. First thing he did was invite her to stay for dinner. The rest of the family came out to congratulate him for his coolness.

Original airdate October 20, 1976

Written by Kim Weiskopf and Michael Baser

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest star Ta-Ronce Allen

A good episode. However, it sounded like this was the first time Michael was in love. There was no mention of LuAnn from “The Big Move”.  Perhaps that was just used as a sub-plot or to fill in time. Ta-Ronce Allen (daughter of Raymond Allen aka Ned the Wino) did a bang up job as Yvonne, plus great acting from the rest of the cast with plenty of humor.




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