S4 E6 Evans vs. Davis

Welcome back friends and fans. Here I am taking you to another review of GT. Alderman Fred Davis commissioned J.J. to speak at  his re-election campaign, causing the Evans family to face a moral dilemma. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 406






Florida was baking a chicken and commented how tough it was and if it were alive, it would be a sergeant in the marines. She put it back in the pot so it could tender up. Thelma came in and found their newspaper (one of their neighbors took it before they got to it). Florida checked to see if there were any articles about J.J. winning the latest art exhibit. The phone rang and it was Alderman Fred Davis, who wanted to speak to J.J. Florida found the article on J.J.’s win and it said it would be displayed on the 6 o’clock news that evening. Michael came home and Florida told him he was in for a surprise. Michael answered he knew J.J. would be on the news that evening. Thelma asked Florida if there was a chance J.J. knew he’d be on the news, he came in very proudly and the news was just about to start.

untitled 406a

Just as J.J. was about to speak on the news, the television stopped. Michael was kicking it to make it work again and J.J. lamented “Why me?, why couldn’t it happen to President Ford, he never had anything to say anyway”. They were heading to watch it at Willona’s house but she came in, she said J.J. was fantastic but was standing behind the flagpole so she couldn’t see him much (jokingly). Michael and Thelma started telling Florida they needed a new television. Alderman Davis came to the door, calling the Evanses his favorite project people ( a repeated claim of his). He then mistook their names, calling Thelma Teresa and Michael Mitchell. Davis complimented J.J.’s work and talent and then Florida asked him to get to the point. Davis questioned why she doubted his sincerity, she answered she didn’t doubt it, for she never knew he had it. He called J.J.’s art vital and then left. He then came back with four tickets to his political rally, he then asked J.J. to start up the YAM (Young Artists for Me). He wanted J.J. to make a speech on his behalf. When J.J. refused, he threatened them with eviction.

untitled 406b

Bookman came to the door for inventory with a Ford button and a Carter button on his shirt (he couldn’t make up his mind who to vote for). A couple named Mr. and Mrs. Gillard came over to look at the apartment, claiming they were sent by Alderman Davis. The Evans family tried to discourage them by claiming the apartment was nothing but a dump. Florida reasoned that the apartment was not the best, but it was their home and Davis was forcing them out and he would do the same to them. They said they were willing to take the chance, for the place they currently lived in was just a flat. Florida decided they should resign themselves to having J.J. speak at Davis’s rally after all.

untitled 406d

At the rally, Davis stated how many young people don’t vote. He then said it doesn’t matter who they vote for as long as they vote- for Fred Davis. He went to introduce J.J., who came up to deliver the speech already written for him. He later added he was getting sick to his stomach saying those things he didn’t really mean. He stated that Davis increased the unemployment rate in the projects and was unable to reach out to the people. Anything Davis claimed was good only applied to his opponents. The family praised him for his honesty and some of his supporters took that whole thing as a roast. Davis dropped the eviction and said as long as he was in power they would always have a place in the projects. Florida conceded that as long as they had politicians like Davis, they would never live anywhere better.

Original airdate October 27, 1976

Written by Coslough Johnson and Sid Dorfman

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Albert Reed (3rd appearance), Johnny Brown (recurring), Bill Cobbs, Dorothy Butts, Elroy Davis, Reginald Farmer, Tony Burton, Floyd walls Jr., Frances Nealy

A good episode that deals with two main topics: J.J.’s artistic talent and the Evans’s sense of pride and morals, not to mention Davis’s lack thereof. Only thing I don’t get, James was very fond of Davis but the rest of the family, and Willona, loathed him. Maybe if James were alive he wouldn’t pull the eviction on them. It was also noteworthy that this episode was aired around the time of the election.

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