S4 E7 J.J.’s New Career Part 1

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This time around, the Evans family are in a similar situation as to the one in the first episode “Getting Up The Rent”. They desperately need money just to pay their rent. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 407

Now that James is gone, the family is having an extraordinarily hard time keeping up with their bills. Florida has the bills sorted and is short of cash and worried about their phone getting turned off. Willona came in and claimed she put her bills in three separate categories. 30 days overdue, 60 days overdue and Willona don’t live here no more, lol. Michael and Thelma came in from the store arguing. She claimed that Michael embarrassed her by trying to pick up every young girl in the store. Florida sent them to the store to buy ham for dinner but the prices were raised. Florida then conceded they would have future chicken for dinner (eggs). Willona told her about her system, put $5 down for each bill, but even with that, they would still be short on one necessity.

untitled 407a

J.J. came home with the bad news that he was let go from his job. The family was depending on him to provide the rent money. He didn’t even receive his two weeks of back pay, forfeiting the rent money. Willona stated that Florida would pull them through as she always did. Florida corrected her that James always pulled them through. When Thelma asked what he would do if he were still there, Florida answered “that’s simple, damn”, pushing the bills off the table. J.J. went down to the unemployment office and ran into two old friends, who confronted him about going into business with them, offering him big bucks but obviously did not sound like something legit. He went to the snooty desk clerk to file but sadly there were very few jobs, each of which he was not qualified for. Then she said his first unemployment check would be due him in at least three weeks. He argued his family depended on him to get he rent money due that week. The indifferent clerk called the next person while J.J. fumed that he hoped everyone got a job so she would be unemployed and have to deal with people like herself.

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Michael, Thelma and Florida were at home stuffing letters. Florida stuffed the letters, Thelma folded and Michael licked them, much to his chagrin. Bookman came to the door with an eviction warning, stating they had 5 days to come up with the rent. J.J. came home after striking out with another job, Bookman informed him there was a job right there in the projects that paid well and paid vacations. J.J. insisted he would take it but Bookman claimed he gave it to his nephew. Florida said there was something wrong with their front door, Bookman was on the wrong side of it, then threw him out. Florida decided the only way they can get it is by selling the TV. Michael protested he wanted to watch the Waltons that evening, Florida said if they didn’t sell it, they would be the Waltons. J.J. tried to sell it at the local pawn shop for $135. Only problem was, somebody ripped it off from him at gunpoint while waiting for the elevator.

untitled 407b

J.J. left to join his friends in their new career and Thelma came outside to talk to him. She suggested she would drop out of college and work full-time at Willona’s boutique. J.J. told her she wasn’t dropping out and that was that. He told her to go inside with Florida and J.J. and by all means, do not mention anything about dropping out. J.J. showed up at his friends’ house, and they offered him the opportunity of a lifetime.

Original airdate November 10, 1976

Written by Roger Shulman and John Baskin

Directed by Herbert Kenwith

Guest stars Johnny Brown (recurring), Andre Edwards, Grand L. Bush, Susan Batson

A good episode dealing with the aftermath of James’s death. Also reflecting on the bad economy of the mid 1970s, J.J. got laid off from his job and found it almost impossible to find another one., just like many people of the era. This kind of thing also deals with what some people have to do in times of desperation, which we will get into at the conclusion of this episode. The funniest scenes were when Bookman came up and stated how every time they need something fixed, the first thing they do is call him. They said the last thing he did was fix it. When Florida asked him why we wore the tool belt if he never did anything with it, he answered it would help his pants stay up. When he said they thought he was tough on the outside, Michael that he always thought he was fat on the outside, prompting to say how he would miss him after their eviction. The confrontation J.J. had with the unemployment clerk were also funny.


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