S4 E13 The Comedian And The Loan Sharks

Hello again friends and fans. Welcome to another review of GT. J.J. manages a young comic who, unfortunately, has the worst case of stage fright. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 413a

The phone rang while J.J. just sat on the couch and Florida told him to pick it up. He stated his secretary would answer it. Thelma came out and picked it up, then gave it to J.J.. He answered as the resident president. The call was from the Chicago defender. He had them come down to the club to see Tyrone Tyler, an aspiring comedian who J.J. worked with at the rib joint. J.J. offered to become his manager. He made a reservation at the club, calling them the 4M. That stood for me, mom and Michael, with Thelma as the 4th M-miserable. He claimed that Tyrone would be their ticket out of the ghetto, but Florida reminded him what happened the last time he thought that, it was a round-trip (that was in the previous episode with Judy Cohen). Thelma reminded him that when Tyrone got on stage, he’d get so nervous he would throw up.

untitled 413b

Michael came home from handing out flyers for Tyrone’s performance that evening. Many people answered with “Who is Tyrone Tyler?”. J.J. answered after his performance, his name will be all over the city. He also had a leaflet introducing Tyrone with “He’s flipping the flip, cooler than cards, he’s Tyrone Tyler, the last of the pause. Tonight at the Bird’s nest”. Florida questioned where did J.J. get the money to print all these things. She then stated they can’t get out of the money by spending money (didn’t she realize it takes money to make money?). Willona came in wearing a gypsy like outfit and asked how it looked on her. Florida stated jokingly it was the typical outfit for doing laundry, then retracted by saying it was for putting out the trash. Willona answered that was cold. Tyrone emerged from the bathroom where he just took a bubble bath and J.J. introduced him as the Atomic Comic. Tyrone came out wearing a tuxedo and Florida again demanded how much it costed ($150). She also started to wonder where he got the cash for it. Tyrone started his routine with “Good evening folks, my name is Tyrone Tyler and I’m from the ghetto”. The rest of it went on as he was from the ghetto because he wanted to be near his family. He was thrown out of school because the teacher asked him if one kid had eight pennies and another kid had ten pennies, what would they did and he answered “mugged”. He asked his father for a bike but he answered “do what the other kids do and ride a rafted pole” (whatever that is). He started to stumble on the next one about when his mother went on the Price is Right and was to win $500 if she answered the right price of a can of soup and she answered 59 cents. When the correct price was 39 cents. She said she was talking about ghetto prices. He then excused himself to throw up again. When they got down to the club, J.J. was talking to the owner, Stanley Byrd, when two thugs came in. They demanded money that J.J. borrowed with interest, or else.

untitled 413a

One of the thugs smashed Mr. Byrd’s new chair and when he informed him it was part of a set, the thug grabbed another chair and did the same. He then stated he had a matching set. Florida told them to leave J.J. alone and get out of that place. They answered they didn’t like to called thugs so Florida then called them hoods. Mr. Byrd came up with an idea to let J.J. borrow the money is Tyrone’s performance went well. If it didn’t the hoods get J.J.. One of them said personally, he hoped Tyrone bombed. J.J. went to the stage to introduce Tyrone, but he was so frightened by the hoods that he ran away. Florida decided that J.J. should take over the act for him. The hoods said he had nothing to lose but his good looks. Florida said break a leg and Mr. Byrd said if he didn’t they’d break them both. J.J. went onstage and did Tyrone’s routine but did not fare much better than Tyrone.  

untitled 413 untitled 413c

After J.J. said he’d fight the thugs for their payback,  Mr. Byrd decided to pay off the thugs out of charity. One of them said he was frustrated that all he had to smash was chairs.  Mr. Byrd asked the two guys to please get out of his club while Florida left J.J. and Mr. Byrd alone to arrange how J.J. would pay him back. He decided to have come in every night and mop the club until the debt was paid off.

Original airdate January 5, 1977

Written by Hugh Wedlock Jr. and Jack Matcha

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Gary Vesey, Theodore Wilson (2nd appearance), James Spinks, Juan DeCarlos

Stanley Byrd, the club owner, was played by Theodore Wilson, who, ironically, played loan shark Sweet Daddy.

Another good episode. This was almost like a continuation of the previous episode “The Judy Cohen Story”. It seems that J.J. had no luck as a manager. I guess what he needed to do was stick to his art. somebody should have reminded Tyrone to imagine the audience in their underwear, so he would ease up.



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