S4 E14 The Hustle

Welcome back friends and fans as we take you to another review of GT. In this one, J.J. finds a box of underwear in a bankrupt store and he, Thelma, Michael and Willona have a sale in order to send Florida away on a much needed vacation. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 414

The kids were watching a game on television but Florida, in a foul mood, turns it off. She stated he’d give them a game. Florida had the dust mop in her hand, wiping it over the television.  Then she swept it on the floor and cleaned the phone right off the hook. Then she threatened to slam dunk the kids if they didn’t get off the bench to help her out. When J.J. tried to apologize, Florida said “don’t sorry Mama me, and get busy”. J.J. had Thelma do the dishes and clean the bathroom while Michael did the dusting. Then he went to lay on the couch. Florida came over and asked if he was comfortable, then put a pillow on his head and another for his feet, while Michael and Thelma looked on in disbelief. Then she pushed him off the couch. Then she told him to help Thelma and Michael. Bookman came to the door to fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom, which she reported six weeks prior. She berated him for taking so long and insulted him. Then she accused him of threatening them with eviction. Bookman left without even fixing it. Florida decided to get ready for work and told the kids to get themselves in gear. When she shut the bedroom door, they all started arguing and she opened the door and said get back to work.


Willona came in wearing a tennis uniform and a racket in hand. She said she was preparing for a week vacation at Lake Geneva. The kids were telling her about how cranky Florida was, but Willona wouldn’t believe it. When she wished Florida a good morning, she told her to get lost. When Willona told her about her vacation and wished she could join her, Florida said she had to work for a living, and so did the kids. Then she warned if they didn’t get the chores done, they wouldn’t have to worry about Bookman putting them out, because she would. The kids decided that Florida needed a vacation as well and needed $48 to go to Lake Geneva with Willona. Thelma had $10, Michael had $6 and J.J. $14. That added up to $30 but they still needed $18. J.J. came in with a huge box of underwear he found from a bankrupt store. he came up with the idea of selling the underwear to raise the money for Florida’s vacation.

untitled 414b

The next day, J.J. cleared the table just after Thelma set it for breakfast. He wanted their customers to believe they were finished. Florida was getting ready for church and the kids were trying their best to get her out as soon as possible. They told her Thelma already made breakfast and it tasted delicious. Of course, Florida caught on and then the kids told her the reverend called and wanted her to get to church early, as one of the choir members was sick and he wanted Florida to fill in. Before she left, somebody called and wanted to come by to look at her underwear, and she abruptly hung up. As soon as she left, Thelma took the box out and in came customers. J.J. said everything was for 50 cents, causing them to think they were hot. Bookman came up and attempted to rip them off, J.J. sold him a second class pair with no zippers. Florida came in and got rid of all the customers and demanded the kids do some heavy duty explaining. They told her they did all that to send her on her vacation,   which changed her mood right away. A new customer came in, the same one who called earlier, and Florida showed him to what was left. That resulted in them raising the right amount for Florida to go away to Lake Geneva.

Original airdate January 12, 1977

Written by Levi Taylor

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Johnny Brown (recurring), Jinaki, Frances E. Nealy, Dave Turner, Betty Cole

A good episode. It reflects on the burdens of being a single parent and holding down a job. The kids decided it was time to do something for Florida, who very much needed and deserved a vacation. It was also typical that Bookman tried to screw them out of it, but not without revenge.

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