S4 E20 Florida and Carl

Hello friends and fans. Welcome back to another review of GT. Florida goes on her first date with Carl, which brings them disastrous results. Hope you enjoy the review. untitled 420

Florida was at home trying to choose what to wear on her date with Carl. It’s been a while since she had a date. She even pondered calling off the date. Thelma stopped her by stating men like him are hard to find. J.J. added especially at her age, since she was no spring chicken. He apologized, claiming he didn’t know how to put it. Florida threatened to tell him where he can put it. J.J. then put on a display of Florida rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. Willona came by with a new perfume for Florida to use that evening. She was still having reservations about the date, but Thelma, J.J. and Willona persuaded her to go. Florida also decided she couldn’t break a date that late anyway. Willona welcomed her to the wonderful world of dating. Thelma repeated her advice she gave her on her first date, don’t be nervous or try too hard and don’t let him touch her below her waist.


Michael came in and stated Carl would be over any minute. He asked what was taking Florida so long. This led to another hassle between Thelma and J.J. over their looks. Michael went to intervene, he said that Thelma was a beautiful woman and J.J. was a good-looking guy, and if either of them believed that they were way dumb. Carl came to the door at that point. J.J. and Thelma complimented his clothes. Carl stated that Michael had him dress in that manner. Carl announced he was taking Florida to the Burger Pit, a place the kids found undesirable. They said she expected to go someplace nice. They also said she wouldn’t like smoking his cigar. He questioned was he taking her out or the whole family, J.J. mentioned that he happened to be free. Carl replied he didn’t care if J.J. was free that night, the next night or any night. Michael told him a few other things she didn’t like, Carl started wondering if she was the patron saint of Disneyland. Thelma said she was close. Florida finally came out and looked very stunning. Before they left, J.J. stated, jokingly, that he needed to bring Florida home before midnight.

images 420c

While Florida and Carl were sitting down waiting to be served, Florida joked that J.J.’s first words were “hello there mama”. Then she asked him why he never married. He answered that he was engaged while in the Army. However, she married his best friend. Florida replied how such a person can do that to their best friend. He said when he saw her next and saw how she looked, the guy had to be his best friend. When the waiter arrived with two steaks, he commented a how good they looked, the waiter stated they were the best in the house, then he served them to the party next to them. An upset Carl protested they were there before them. The waiter said their steaks were still on the grill. Another waiter arrived with two more steaks, but served them to another nearby party. He stated while they were eating their salads, they were still in the shower. When the steaks finally arrived, Carl noticed that Florida’s steak was well-done while she ordered it rare. He demanded the waiter take it back while Florida insisted they keep it there. The waiter told the other waiter if he were Florida, he’d keep the steak and send him back. Carl got fed up and accused Florida of being “perfect”, then asked the waiter to call Florida a cab and he walked out.

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J.J. refused to touch the dinner Thelma made. When she asked Michael if he wanted seconds, he declined, stating he already had seconds on his first helping. Thelma complained how they didn’t appreciate her cooking and J.J. asked her why she didn’t have any. She claimed to be on a diet. Florida came in and the kids wondered why she was so early. Thelma stated it was only 9 o’clock and she stated if she wanted to know the time she’d consult a cuckoo, so Michael asked J.J. what time it was (lol). Thelma then mentioned the only time she came home from a date that early was when her date tried making a pass at her. Immediately they suspected Carl doing the same to Florida. She mentioned that the next person who mentioned Carl’s name would get a beating. Willona came in and asked where Carl was and J.J. cautioned her to duck. She let on to everyone how the night went, including Carl’s accusation of her as perfect. The kids stated that she had a habit of acting like Miss Goody Two Shoes. J.J. accidentally broke one of Florida’s best platters and she made a big fuss and chewed him out. Willona told her that Carl was standing up for his rights while Florida was just hiding her feelings. When they convinced Florida she wasn’t 100% right, she tried to call him and apologize but Carl came over and beat her to it. Willona and the kids excused themselves to go to Willona’s apartment to watch television. Carl asked her again to have dinner with him and she told him she would do something really rotten to prove she wasn’t perfect. She told him he was wearing an ugly tie and he promptly agreed. He said she was rotten at being rotten. Just before they left, she said there was something wrong with the sink and asked him to check into it. While he looked under the pipe, she took a pot of water and poured it on him. Carl got angry and started to call her a name. She tried to say rotten and he said that she certainly wasn’t perfect.

Original airdate February 23, 1977

Written by John Baskin and Roger Shulman

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Moses Gunn (2nd appearance), Bill Story

Another good episode. I did have to agree with Florida about being on your best behavior in public. I do agree we should always be ourselves but there is a time and a place for certain displays. Carl may have been a little abrasive but he couldn’t be blamed for his behavior. The reason the steaks took too long is because they overcooked them. I also think Florida may have gone out of her way when she tried to prove to Carl that she can be rotten.

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