S4 E22 J.J. In Business

Welcome back friends and fans. Here we are with another review of GT. J.J. and his friends go into the greeting card business, backed by Carl. Unfortunately, J.J. learns the hard way that operating a business isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 422

J.J. gets a phone call and he answers it with “Dynamite Greeting Card Company, J.J. Evans Resident President Speaking”. They just received an order for a dozen Washington birthday cards. He questioned if it was George or Booker T (we never found out which one). but he promised they’d have it the next day. J.J. told his friend Damon about the order and he answered they were really cooking. His other partner, Curtis, reminded him he was late for his job at the rip joint. He offered to drive him there , as he was on his way to Sears discount store. J.J. decided to stay behind and supervise one of his crack writers, Michael. Michael just wrote a sympathy card concerning a Cadillac that has been repossessed. Thelma had just written a verse for a St. Patrick’s Day card, be glad you’re Irish and not black. J.J.’s boss called and questioned where he was, for he was an hour late. He said he was on his way. At this time, a young, beautiful woman came in and identified herself as Karen Casey. She was their new accountant. J.J. made another attempt to get to work but Florida came in with a Mother’s Day card she wrote, which turned out to be very lengthy. Willona came in with a much funnier card she wrote. J.J. received another call from his boss. This time he gave him the ax.

untitled 422a

Bookman came by and claimed he had some new business for the family. Michael questioned if it was “sorry to hear about your fat” (lol). Bookman had a greeting card he wrote for them. “It’s from me to you and it’s fact, not fiction. My very best wishes for a happy eviction”. Michael then informed him they were towing away his car and he rushed to catch up to them. Bookman then realized he had no car and then Michael stated they must have been towing away Mrs. Bookman. Willona excused herself to go to work, she added maybe if she were lucky he could hitch a ride on Mrs.Bookman. Michael left to go to the library and Thelma to go home and cook dinner. Michael then joked he would stay longer to research food poisoning. An agent from an advertising agency came by to offer aid for the business. Florida edited her Mother’s Day card to a more acceptable writing and Carl came in asking how they were doing with his investment.¬† Curtis came in with the exciting news that he just made an excellent sale for 10,000 greeting cards for all the Sears stores in the state. Their accountant reminded them they needed to buy stationary for $2,000 to meet the company’s requirement. Carl advised him to get a loan from the bank. Although it was difficult, it was not impossible (I’m surprised J.J. didn’t borrow from a loan shark). The accountant also recommended trying the SBA (Small Businesses Association). J.J. lamented if he couldn’t get help from any quarter, there was one thing they would’ve gotten. He quoted Bookman’s card stating a happy eviction.

untitled 422b

Carl and J.J. were down at the bank after being turned down by four other banks. J.J. was extremely cynical about getting a loan. Irma Austin, the loan officer, came out and apologized for keeping them waiting but waiting was part of the game. Carl was frustrated because J.J. kept blurting things out and not giving him much chance to talk. Ms. Austin questioned if they had collateral, including small children (lol). Carl didn’t seem to appreciated that joke. She stated she would recommend the loan but stated it would take at least 90 days. She suggested they should ask for an extension on the deal. Curtis came in and said they cancelled the order and they were out of business. Florida praised J.J. for at least trying and learned something from it. The scout from the ad agency came in and said they offered him a job as a junior art director. As much as J.J. was amused at the offer, he was reluctant to leave his partners. Curtis told him that although they lost the deal with Sears, they offered him a job as a salesman and he accepted. Damon also stated he got another job-J.J.’s old job at the rib joint.

Original airdate March 9, 1977

Written by Bob Peete

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Moses Gunn (recurring), Johnny Brown (recurring), Henry G. Sanders, Larry Robinson, Marilyn Joi, Alice Ghostly, Dean Norton

This is the episode when J.J. got his job at the ad agency.

A good episode with a touch of realism. It goes to show that it takes money to make money. I just didn’t understand why Carl didn’t let J.J. borrow the $2,000 for the supplies for that huge order. The episode also demonstrated J.J.’s talent and had him put it to good use. It was also decent of him when he stated he didn’t want to desert his friends. Lucky for him, it all turned out well for each of them.

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