S5 E7 Wheels

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This episode has J.J. and his friends buying a used car from Bookman, with disastrous results. Hope you enjoy the review.

images 507

Michael tried desperately to kill a fly. Thelma came out and asked him to think twice about it, if it got reincarnated it may turn into someone they knew. Michael questioned who did they know that could walk upside down on four legs. J.J.’s friends, Head, Poppo and Cool Breeze came to see him. Head did his Howard Cosell impression. J.J. was still at work but due home soon. Poppa tried hitting on Thelma, but was rebuffed. J.J. finally came home and he and the guys recited their motto “united we stand, divided we fall, we’re tighter than panty hose two sizes small. J.J., Poppo, Cool Breeze, Head, we’re the awesome foursome until we are dead”. Bookman came to the door to answer a call from Thelma about their stove, although it was 6 weeks prior. Poppo tried hitting on Thelma again and she agreed to meet him that evening next to a statue of incumbent President Jimmy Carter, then he realized there was no statue of such. Thelma stated as soon as they put one in, she’ll meet him there.  They were discussing plans for the evening and Poppo suggested they meet some women, maybe they’d get lucky. J.J. said Poppo couldn’t get lucky in a seminary. Cool Breeze, who worked as a mortician, asked if they said cemetery. Head joked that Poppo couldn’t get lucky there either (lol).

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Bookman had a car that he offered to sell, although J.J. dismissed it as a lemon. He said with a little work it can be considered a classic. He had a 1954 Desoto and wanted $1,500 for it. The guys could only come up with $50 each, giving them $200. Bookman took that as an insult, but when J.J. said that was their offer, take it or leave it, Bookman decided it was a deal. Willona and Penny came in, Willona asked if they can watch Penny so she can go downtown for a while. When J.J. offered to give her a ride in his new car, Michael and Penny asked “you bought a car from this man?”. Michael went downstairs with Head, Cool Breeze and Poppo to check this so-called classic out. Willona cautioned him about the responsibilities of owning a car and the rigors of buying gas and paying for maintenance, repairs, registration and insurance. She also advised him that four people owning a car could lead to trouble. Michael and J.J.’s friends came back stating the car needed a great deal of work. Bookman said his brother in-law was an insurance salesman and brought them down to his office. He asked the same question “You bought a used car from this man?’. He stated that their insurance would be $1,000, for they were all under 25 and they lived in the projects. He then said they can pay for it monthly at $83 for the four of them. Bookman claimed his sour relationship with his brother in-law was due to the fact that they both bought a used car and fought over who would drive it. This also proved true with J.J. and the guy when no sooner did they get the car when they argued who would drive it that evening.

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Back home, J.J., Head and Poppo were playing cards with Penny and Poppo had trouble focusing because Cool Breeze had the car and was late in joining them. Penny beat them and when Cool Breeze finally came in and said they needed money for gas, while Head told him he had to pay a portion for a parking ticket. This caused another argument between the guys and Cool Breeze and Poppo left, in spite of J.J. reminding them about their Awesome Foursome ditty. J.J. told Head that they were reduced to the Gruesome Twosome. Head blamed J.J. for the trouble since he was so hasty in buying a clunker of a car and he left. J.J. stated glumly that the Awesome Foursome became the Lonesome Mesome. The next night, Thelma borrowed the car and gave Michael a lift to the gym.

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J.J. confided to Willona about all the trouble he had with the car and the loss of his friends. The guys then frantically came over and asked how J.J. felt. It turned out that Penny told them J.J. was in a serious accident in order to get them back together. When Willona, Penny, Thelma and Michael excused J.J. and the guys so they could sort things out. Bookman came over to announce the car was blocking up traffic and the U-Haul truck was on its way. J.J. talked Bookman into buying the car back, although he only paid them $100, half of what they paid. then a huge truck came and totaled it. Bookman tried getting his money back, but the guys all said in unison “a deal is a deal”. Then they all resumed doing their motto.

Original airdate November 2, 1977

Written by Bill Freedman, Al Schwartz, Michael S. Baser, Kim Weiskopf

Guest stars T.K. Carter, Randy Martin, Larry Beachum, Earl Billings

A good episode with another message. It depicts how greed can stand in the way of friendship. Also, you should never be too hasty for something until you know for sure what you want. Willona was absolutely right when she stated “friendship lasts forever but cars don’t”.

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