S5 E8 Breaker, Breaker

Welcome back my friends. Here we are with another review of GT. Michael meets a girl on Bookman’s CB and is in for a surprise. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 508

Michael was looking at some personal ads in the newspaper. There was a  guy who offered a $100 reward for the return of his dog, no questions asked. Another guy was willing to pay $25 for his wife’s return and a lot of questions asked. He questioned why Thelma was making up her face just to go to the library. She answered in case she meets a guy who wants to take out more than a book. Thelma kept track on how many times they hassled and that was the 12th insult he made since Florida left. J.J. came home and announced he had a business meeting with the boss. He also bought a bunch of pairs of shorts for every day of the week.

untitled 508b

Bookman showed up with a CB radio for them to hold on to from Mrs. Bookman. She caught him talking to a female trucker with the name Superstud. J.J. tried to operate it and Willona came in and knew exactly what the deal was. Bookman was trying to keep the CB from his wife and for the guys to hold as bait. She also knew that Thelma was at the library, she claimed to have her own antenna (lol). J.J. connected it to the telephone and was on the air. He talked briefly to a woman, then explained to Michael what to do on it. Michael went on using J.J.’s name and came in contact with Fungirl, a young woman on the air. When she signed off, she promised to be back that evening and Michael was trying in vain to get Thelma out of the house so he can have privacy. Penny  came in and to borrow some stuff for a cake she and Willona were making. He also tried to get Thelma to help her bake it. When he returned to the CB, he and Fungirl were having a good time rapping until J.J. came by and interrupted.

untitled 508c

Fungirl was less than pleased with his insincerity after J.J. made Michael confess that he wasn’t who he was. However, she said she liked to dance and go for walks in the park when she was sitting in a wheelchair. Michael was moping about it until J.J. told him he got her address and number for him. Her name was Nancy, and Michael stopped over to meet her personally. He took one look at her in the wheelchair and promptly left. Back at the apartment, Willona was on the CB chatting with someone then Penny came on and said a few words. She did her Mae West impression by claiming she was very mature for her age. Fungirl called Michael again when he got home and apologized for being so hotheaded and it turned out she was just as fake as he was at first, pretending to be J.J.. when J.J. took over, he gave her their address and she came over on crutches to meet Michael. They decided to still be friends and do more fun stuff together.

untitled 508a

Original airdate November 9, 1977

Written by Elroy Schwartz

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest star Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown is the daughter of Johnny Brown (Bookman)

A good episode that may have been overplayed. It definitely taught many lessons. You should always be yourself, no matter what. You should never be ashamed of who you are and accept people for who they are. You may think some are not worthy of you when you actually are the unworthy one. We also saw a wonderful performance of Johnny Brown’s daughter, Sharon.




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