S5 E10 Thelma’s Brief Encounter

Welcome back friends and fans. Here is another review of GT. Willona and J.J. suspect Thelma’s new boyfriend is married but learn that’s only half the story. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 510

Penny asked Michael if she can help him with his homework. He said it was tough to explain, for it was about putting 100,000 humans in outer space for a few years in the future to promote human colonization. Willona came home all tired form work and marveling how happy she was it was Friday. Penny questioned that if they ever lived in space like Michael’s assignment depicted, can they live in the projects. Willona answered that hoped they wouldn’t have any more ghettos by that time.

untitled 510a

J.J. came home and announced he was spying on Thelma’s boyfriend, Lloyd, but without much success. Willona stated she found it strange that he only saw her during the day and not at night, and why she never brought him home to meet the family. Thelma came home after shopping for a present for Lloyd and stated she can’t see him at night because he works all night. Willona suggested she bring him over so they can meet him, unless she was ashamed of them. She answered she was proud of everybody (well, almost everybody, excluding J.J., lol). It came to speculation that Lloyd was married. Willona told Thelma there were five signs leading up to a man who sounds married. 1) He never took her out at night. 2) He never offered to meet her family. 3) He never took her to his house 4) He never gave his phone number (claiming he didn’t have a phone) 5) He was extra nice to her, well, in the beginning. Thelma stated she was having lunch with him the next day and she would invite him over for dinner that evening.

untitled 510b

The next day, Thelma and Lloyd ate at a fancy restaurant and, of course, Thelma asked him the obvious question. WAS HE MARRIED? He denied it but when she asked him to come home and meet the family, he said he would try. J.J. was at another table dressed like a spy and listening in on their conversation. When the waitress came by, she informed him they had a $1.25 minimum so he asked for a cup of coffee. Then she informed him he had to have an order, he said “you want an order, leave me alone”.  Lloyd asked her for the check and left once he paid. J.J. tried following him out but the waitress stopped him to pay. Back at the Evans apartment, Willona was making a stew and J.J. came home with some information on Lloyd. It turned out he was doing time for bigamy.

untitled 510d

Lloyd was in a halfway house and was allowed to leave during the day. Willona and J.J. were worried over how to break the news to Thelma. She asked Michael to accompany Penny to her apartment and help her with homework. Thelma came in with Lloyd and finally introduced him to the family. Lloyd said that Thelma told him J.J. was a big hit with the ladies, J.J. said not as good as him though. When they asked where Michael and Penny were, J.J. answered she was sentenced to do homework and Michael was guarding her. After using a few more references to prison, including J.J. putting the bread and water (butter) on the table, they got him to tell her the truth. He claimed he was booked for embezzelment.

untitled 510c

Thelma and Lloyd decided that they were going out for dinner to get J.J. and Willona off their case. J.J. went and blurted out the truth about Lloyd. He said Lloyd was a bigamist and if he married her it would make him a trigamist (polygamist). Thelma got so furious she refused to believe him and told J.J. she hated him. They finally got Lloyd to admit it and he left. Thelma apologized for telling J.J. she hated him and claimed she felt like a fool. J.J. stated that he made a fool of himself on rare occasions.

Original airdate December 7, 1977

Written by Bruce Kalish and Philip Wickham Taylor

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars James A. Watson Jr., Susan Baskin

Bookman did not appear in this episode

A good episode. It proves you never know somebody unless they’re completely honest from the beginning. They never mentioned how Lloyd ended up in that situation. Did he marry his second wife before he and first wife were legally divorced? Or did he have one wife in one state or town and the second wife in another? Bigamy is illegal all over the United States, as well as many other countries, even if it is a religious practice.


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