S5 E13 No More Mr. Nice Guy

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me for another review of GT. J.J. needs to get tough on Michael,  whose irresponsible behavior gets him into trouble. hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 513

Michael was on the phone with his girlfriend, Gloria. She said she couldn’t get out of the house but Michael told her to tell her mother what excuse he would give Thelma, that he went to the library. Michael was unaware that Thelma had just come in and she added to his remark to tell her she can go visit him at the ER. She asked Michael to help her put away the groceries but he answered he had heavy things on his mind. When he asked her what her problem was, she said there was an irritating lazy brat in their apartment who thought they owed him a living, he told her not to talk about J.J. like that (lol). She meant that Michael refused to clean the apartment or wash the dishes, she also stated the lasagna they had for dinner the previous night had to be chipped off the plate. Michael answered they had to chip it off the plate when they were eating it.

untitled 513a

Thelma asked Michael to help her with the housework but he said he was going upstairs to see his other girlfriend, Cindy. She told him to stay home and help her out. She grabbed his notebook and found his algebra test, in which he received an F. J.J. came home and a disgusted Thelma asked him to take care of him. She asked him to talk to him about staying out all night with different girls and goofing off in school. when he saw Michael’s failed test, he said not bad, for he once received a K. He spelled cruddy like kruddy on  a spelling test. J.J. was asking Thelma, who was in the bathroom, what she thought he should do about the matter and Willona and Penny came in. Penny inquired if J.J. was talking to the door. Willona said it’s not unusual unless the door answered. Thelma came out and repeated that J.J. needed to straighten him out. Willona said she didn’t need to know, since it was none of her business, although she was Florida’s best friend. Then she demanded to know what the trouble was. Thelma repeated her grievances about Michael but when Willona was in mid-sentence in giving him a talking -to, Penny gave him a letter inviting him to a lawyers of tomorrow dinner. Willona came over because she wanted someone to take Penny to a skating lesson because she needed to go to the dentist. Michael volunteered to bring her, getting out of doing his homework assignment.

untitled 513b

J.J. was in the kitchen making an omelet and Thelma continued asking him how he would handle Michael. J.J. tried reasoning that Michael was just an everyday, typical, all-American boy. Just then, Michael called to tell J.J that he and Penny had been arrested and needed him to come down to the station to get them out.

untitled 513c

Down at the station, a hooker named Lavonne asked Penny what she was in for. She explained that she and Michael were on their way to her skating lesson when Michael’s friend Howard came by in his car and offered them a ride. For some reason, he drove down the street in the wrong direction and the cops pulled him over. When she asked Lavonne what she was in for, she answered it was because of her “social work”. Howard argued he borrowed the car from his father. Michael had Penny come up there and he used her cute face to try to convince the sergeant to let them go, but to no avail. Michael tried arguing that as minors they had their rights, while Penny added he was a lawyer of tomorrow. The sergeant welcomed them to the slammer of today. Another cop came to confirm the story, it turned out Howard did borrow the car, but without permission. Just after the sergeant told Michael he and Penny were innocent for not knowing they were travelling in a stolen car, Lootin’ Lennie came in, busted for stealing a TV set and a bunch of TV guides. Thelma and J.J. came to get them, followed by Willona. The sergeant let them go but gave them a story about a boy and girl who recently went for a joyride, but tried to elude the police and accidentally got themselves killed.

images 513d

Penny asked Willona if Lavonne could go to jail, Willona answered social workers do a lot of good for the community so she should not. Penny went to tell Lavonne to keep up the good work. J.J. then grounded Michael for a week, including not letting him go to the lawyers of tomorrow dinner. On the night of the dinner, Michael read Thelma his speech and she was very impressed by it. However, he conceded that nobody else would hear it. She stated that although he brought it on himself, she believed he learned his lesson and should go. Michael replied that J.J. had gotten way too harsh with him, he was surprised there weren’t any bars on the windows. Thelma told him please don’t give J.J. any ideas. When J.J. came home, Thelma tried to convince J.J. to change his mind and allow Michael to go. J.J. asked him if he talked to any girls and when Michael said he didn’t, J.J. checked his pulse to see if he wasn’t lying. When he asked Michael to show him his homework, he got mad when he used a few small words, such as I, me, is, if, was. Michael decided he had enough and went inside to change for the dinner and when J.J. tried stopping him, Michael left. J.J. started to feel like a failure but Michael came back out of guilt. However, J.J. told him that he felt like all the years before he set bad examples for him, he wanted Michael to do better than that. Michael let him know that he was actually proud of him and would kill to turn into another him. Michael then decided he shouldn’t go because if he did he’d be a bad lawyer for making J.J. break his own laws. After a short argument, J.J. threatened to give Michael the ultimate punishment by making him eat Thelma’s dinner. That was enough for Michael to go.

Original airdate January 4, 1978

Written by Tom Dunsmuir and Dan Wilcox

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Sarina C. Grant (2nd appearance), Wendell Wright, Dap Sugar Willie (fifth appearance), Calvin Oliver, Bill Woodard

Bookman did not appear in this episode

A good episode, although it showed a difference in character descriptions. This one showed how J.J. can get really tough when he needed. It also showed Michael acting lazy and rebellious. Even as a ruthless tyrant, so to speak, J.J. was still goofy.

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