S5 E14 Willona’s Mr. Right

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This episode has Willona’s old boyfriend coming back into her life with an offer she can’t refuse. That is, she couldn’t refuse before Penny came into her life. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 514

Thelma, Michael and Penny were playing Monopoly and sore loser Michael didn’t want to play. when it was Thelma’s turn, she said the same thing. J.J. came home with a product his company was advertising called Formosa punch. They all took a taste test and found it awful. J.J. put them down as undecided. Willona came in and took a taste, hating it as well. She announced that her old boyfriend, Frank Mason, called her. They all cheered and Penny said that was super, then asked who was Frank Mason, lol. Bookman came in to answer a call about a broken window they reported three months prior, and fixed themselves. Thelma told him that the hinge on the toilet was loose. Bookman cautioned they can get hurt with that. J.J. stated he already got hurt. Michael offered him a can of J.J.’s punch, only he liked it. When Bookman went to fix the toilet seat, Penny asked if she can watch him. When he asked her why, she answered because Willona always said he didn’t know which end was up.

untitled 514a

Willona decided to go back to her apartment and wait for Frank. No sooner did she get to the door when he finally showed up. He received a warm welcome from the family. When the kids excused themselves to let them talk in private, they tried to give the punch to whoever else they didn’t like. That only narrowed it down to Mrs. Bookman. Willona commented that he was in Alaska such a long time, he’d want to rub noses instead of kiss. He gave her a ring that she believed came from Elizabeth Taylor. She asked him why he didn’t want her to go to Alaska with him, he answered his job was too far away from civilation and he wouldn’t see her for months at a time. He then stated that job was all over and he wanted her to travel with him. However, she told him that things had changed for her. When she called for Penny to come out and meet him, calling her honey, Bookman came out (lol). Penny came out and Frank was taken aback, he thought Penny was a tall three-year-old girl. He didn’t know Willona adopted Penny, who asked him if there were many Eskimos in Alaska. He answered they were and said there was plenty of blubber up there. Willona added there was plenty of it there as well, referring to Bookman, another laugh out loud moment. He asked her to marry him and he would take them both all over the world. Willona explained that wouldn’t be good for Penny, for she had love and stability for the first time in her life at home with Willona.

untitled 514b

Penny overheard their conversation and was convinced she was a burden on Willona. J.J. came by to borrow some detergent and Penny confided into him that she wanted to run away. She didn’t want to stand in their way. J.J. stated that Willona would be miserable without her, like many mothers were without their children. But she questioned about his mother, who was in Arizona, if she felt that same way. He explained that he, Thelma and Michael were big kids and Penny was only a little kid and she needed a mother, just as much as Willona needed her. Back at the Evans apartment, Thelma lamented that she poured J.J.’s  punch down the sink and it turned orange. Then they received a phone call from a neighbor, whose dentures turned orange. Willona came over in a panic because she found Penny’s runaway note. She came back a few minutes later with J.J., she accompanied him to the laundry room. She told Willona about feeling like a burden and in the way. Willona asked her if three months earlier someone offered her a wonderful home surrounded by love and comfort, would she take it? Penny answered she would, then she asked if she was given that offer at that time, Penny answered no. She said it was the same thing with her, she would never give Penny up for anything.

Original airdate January 11, 1978

Written by Laura Levine

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest star Adam Wade

A good episode. It tested Willona’s feelings for Penny. Although she only had her for a few months, she was very attached and made Penny her whole life. I think Frank would have been great for Willona and even a good dad for Penny, if only he could have stayed in town. After Willona thought Penny ran away, there was a very touching moment between them when they told each other they would never want to give each other up.


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