S5 E19 J.J.’s Condition

Welcome back friends and fans. Here we are with another review of GT. It seems poor J.J. can’t stop falling in love. This time, he has a fling with a woman who is married. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 519

Willona asked Thelma if the spaghetti she was cooking was ready.  She took it out and, naturally, did a lousy job with it. Willona joked that was how she liked it, light and fluffy. Thelma was just preoccupied with J.J. dating a married woman. The ever inquisitive Penny inquired why a woman was dating J.J. if she was married, Willona said that was the same question she had for her ex-husband. Michael explained that she and her husband were separated. J.J. came home singing, albeit terribly, “I’m In The Mood For Love”. He then complained of stomach pains and Willona predicted it was because of Barbra. He denied it but the stomach pains were continuing.

untitled 519a

At Barbara’s apartment, she was preparing for J.J. to arrive and her estranged husband, Ernie, was there showering. When J.J. came, he asked her the obvious question, when would she and Ernie split up permanently? She tried dodging the question but he adamantly wanted an answer. She blew it off by kissing him and then J.J. saw Ernie right behind her. Barbara introduced them and, surprisingly, Ernie was extremely cool with it. After he got himself ready to leave, she brushed off the question again with another kiss. She explained to him that he still pays the rent at $400 a month (that must have been pretty high in 1978, for any working stiff would kill to get an apartment at that price now). That was a bit steep for J.J., I guess that job at the ad agency was low-paying. When he left, Ernie kissed Barbara good-bye and reminded her about having dinner the following night, much to J.J.’s chagrin. He questioned their motive about that and she stated that just because they separated didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends. J.J. stomach pains came back and were getting worse. Barbara asked if there was anything she can do, he answered she should call a doctor.

untitled 519b

Thelma was on the phone with the doctor and he said J.J. was fine. He did have a stomach problem and if he didn’t take care of it, it could progress into an ulcer. Penny mistakenly believed that an ulcer was like a belly button (lol). This also led to her and Willona goofing on Thelma’s lousy cooking. J.J. came home and everybody acted extra nice to him, causing some confusion on his part. They tried everything they could to keep him from getting upset. He demanded hassle like they always did. He said Barbara was coming over later and that would make him happy. They started saying nice things about her and he answered if that were true, why was her husband hanging around. Michael said she was no good and J.J. argued she was the woman he loved. Michael then offered to answer the door for him and J.J. said he was more than capable of opening a door. That was, unless Bookman was at the door and asked Michael to answer it for him.

images 519c

Bookman came up with a wreath for J.J.. Michael said that was what J.J. needed, rest. Bookman removed the ‘in peace’. He said he was saving that in case J.J. took a turn for the worse. Then he raided their refrigerator and commented on the food they had, fried chicken, ribs, sweet potato pie, none of which were any good for J.J.. He tried to remove all of them but the rest of the family stripped him of it. Barbara came over and he suggested they go to an Italian restaurant and have pizza. When he went inside to change, Thelma asked her to leave him alone. They were about to argue but Willona sent her, Michael and Penny inside so she can speak to Barbara alone. Willona tried telling Barbara that J.J.’s stomach pains did not start until he started dating her. Barbara said that was because of his job and supporting the family, she was the only thing that made him happy.  Willona inquired when she and her husband would divorce, Barbara replied that was none of her business. She said maybe so, but if it was affecting JJ. and his health, that became her business. She stated that she loved J.J. as if he were her own son. Barbara said J.J. was a man and she knew that better than anybody. Willona answered it was for many other reasons that she thought. She also accused Barbara of failing to commit to either one of them. J.J. came out and finally laid the law down. He told her she had to decide between him and Ernie right away, he also conceded that she was why he was having those ulcers. An indecisive Barbara left and J.J. went to sit on the couch. However, his stomach pains got worse.

Original airdate February 13, 1978

Written by Dusty Kaye and Bill Nuss

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Faye Houser, Justin Lord

This was another episode reflecting on J.J.’s persona as a ladies man. He’s dated many other kinds of woman, but this one was pretty intense. It also proved how bad relationships can take a toll on one’s health. Great acting from the cast and guest members.


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