S5 E21 Something Old, Something New

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me for another review of GT. Grandpa Evans and his fiancée have a spat, just before their wedding. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 521

Thelma was cleaning the house while J.J. was watching the game. Thelma demanded he get up and help her. She turned the TV off and took the knob off. J.J. demanded she put it back on and he’ll take her knob off. Michael and Penny came in and Thelma informed him his girlfriend Cindy called and was pretty upset. Penny told J.J. they saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind and in it, a young boy was brought to school in a UFO. J.J. commented how he knew about busing kids to school but that was ridiculous. Michael went to call Cindy and she accused him of cheating on her. He said he was with “only” Penny. He described her as a 9-10 year old kid. He then put her on the phone to prove it but Penny did her Mae West impression. She then told Cindy after they went ice skating, then the movies,  then Michael took her to the zoo to point her out. It turned out Penny was offended by Michael calling her ‘a kid”, and that she was 10 going on 11. Michael went upstairs to try to mend it with Cindy.

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Willona came in and Penny told her it costed $4.50. She questioned if they saw the movie or made it. Thelma told Willona their grandpa and Lena were on their way over. Penny asked if Lena was their grandmother, Thelma answered they were only friends. Michael came back and announced he tried making up to Cindy, but to no avail. J.J. tried giving Michael advice on how to handle women. At that time, Grandpa and Lena came in. Grandpa showed them an invention he created. It was a machine used to revolutionize the kitchen. Lena announced that he promised if they ever came into big bucks, they would be married. Grandpa seemed to have balked on that promise, and it caused a fight between the two. Lena left to check into a motel and Thelma came out to talk her out of it. Lena commented how men, regardless of age, need to be mothered. Meanwhile, Grandpa was telling Michael the same thing about women, and how they need a father. Michael also discussed his woes with Cindy. He described her as 16 but was jealous as a 65 year old lady, and just as unreasonable. Thelma tried to talk Lena into going back with Grandpa while J.J. and Michael tried the same with Grandpa. He told the kids that once he made his fortune, he would be the typical grandpa and spoil them rotten. Willona came over and introduced him to Penny. Then Lena called to say she was leaving for New Orleans without him.

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The next morning, Thelma let on to J.J. how bad she felt about Grandpa and Lena splitting up. J.J. was trying to cut the pancakes Thelma made, without any luck. Grandpa woke up and the kids tried their hardest not to mention Lena. Coincidentally, she came to the door claiming she left something in his suitcase. After another spat, he proposed and she accepted. They asked Thelma to be the maid of honor, J.J. to give away the bride and Michael to be the best man. Later on, J.J. was on the phone requesting where the reverend was. He was told he was at a funeral. J.J. told them to make sure he had no mud on his shoes when he came over there. Thelma came out with a pink dress and corsage. Bookman came to the door and asked if it was an accident he wasn’t invited, J.J. answered he was purposely uninvited. He volunteered to be the photographer and Willona came in dressed as a bridesmaid and Penny as a flower girl.

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Reverend Beasley showed up and mistook Willona as the beautiful bride. Grandpa came in with the bad news that his invention was turned down, and he wouldn’t be making his fortune. Lena assured him she wouldn’t marry him for his money and even if they had to take in a cut in their social security income , so be it. The wedding went on and, I guess we can assume, that they lived happily ever after.

Original airdate March 13, 1978

Written by Sid Dorfman

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Richard Ward, Pauline Myers, DeForest Covan

A good episode. It dealt with harsh reality, as where Grandpa Evans and Lena would have to combine their social security checks instead of make there individual amount. It also proved that you can find true love at any age, and that money can not buy love. One other thing, Lena’s last name was Anderson, which happened to be the last name of Thelma’s future husband, Keith. Think there was some relation between them?


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