S5 E22 Willona’s New Job

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me for another review of GT. This episode revolves around Willona getting  a promotion at her job. This causes her to choose between that and her boyfriend, Frank Mason. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 522

Penny was showing Thelma and Michael her collection of matchbooks (didn’t she learn from the ‘Where there’s Smoke” episode not to play with them?). The first one came from a restaurant she went to with Willona. Next was one she got from Ferguson’s funeral parlor. No surprise to Michael when he read seal lid before striking. she had another one from the meat market, an ice cream stand and a massage parlor (I wish she would track her biological m0ther down and get revenge for burning her with the iron). Willona came in with the happy announcement that she was promoted to head buyer at her boutique. In  a laugh-out-loud moment, Penny stated she was so happy for her she couldn’t wait to tell her friends, then asked Willona what a buyer was. Willona had a difficult time explaining so she would understand, so she simplified it to where if there were no buyers, people would be walking around in jockey shorts.

untitled 522a

While Willona was going on excitingly about her new job and how much progress she expected to make, Frank Mason showed up at the door bearing gifts. J.J. was on a date with a girl named Wanda. Frank told Willona he was ready to settle down and gave her an engagement ring. Penny came out to thank him for her gift and Willona told him the news and Penny for her approval. She checked him over and said with finality, “he’ll do”. She called Thelma and Michael out to share the news and Penny stated it was a double dose of good news. When she told him about her promotion, he immediately urged her to resign. He didn’t want his wife to work. He also had trouble understanding that Willona was too independent to be pampered like that.

untitled 522b

Down at the boutique, Willona called to her co-worker, Mavis. She couldn’t see her because she was behind a plant. When Mavis went to find her, she crawled out and yelled “boo”. She said it was good Willona came out like that, otherwise, she would have had that plant moved. she told her that on her first day on a buyer, she wanted everything to be well, as she was expecting to meet with a salesman that day. Frank showed up with assorted chocolates from all over the world. Willona joked that she can get pimples in many different languages. The salesman, Skip Casey, arrived. He showed Willona some new line of shirts and when he asked Willona to feel the one he was wearing, Frank came in and got the wrong idea. He wanted to kill Mr. Casey but Willona took him aside and berated him for his behavior.

untitled 522c

Frank apologized and promised never to do that again, provided she went to dinner with him that evening. The next morning, Mavis told her the boss wanted to see him. When she came in the office, assuming it was Mr. Simpson, her old boss, Frank said “how would you like to sit on my lap” and turned around in the chair. He announced he just bought the boutique. She correctly assumed that he bought it just so he could fire her. He then reasoned that he carried on that attitude of her not working because his mother worked like a dog to support him, and that she literally worked herself to death. He did not want to see the same thong happen with Willona. Then he announced that he was giving to boutique to her, and that she can come and go whenever she wanted, take three hour lunches and even stay home if she wanted to. It turned out he was trying to manipulate her to quit her job. She tried to assure him that she worked because she wanted to and it was for self-fulfillment (say what?, she had to eat and pay bills just like the rest of us). When that wasn’t enough, he fired her and it turned out she was miserable, in spite of the fact that she said nothing bothered her. Bookman came to the door announcing he would be off duty for the night and Willona begged him to take her with him. He was going to the Jolly Janitors club with his wife. Frank came over and announced he sold the boutique back and got her her job back. He apologized for stepping on her dreams and trying to run her life. They decided to start over and he took her, Penny, Thelma and Michael out for dinner.

Original airdate March 20, 1978

Written by Michael G. Moye

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Adam Wade (2nd appearance), Veronica Redd, Cal Wilson (3rd appearance)

J.J. was not in this episode

Not one of my particular favorites. The best thing about it was Willona’s independence and determination to stay strong. It was definitely not right for Frank to try to run her life and tell what she should or should not do. That was how many divorces occurred before men became more liberated. It was good, however, when he realized his mistake and caused it to end happily.

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