S6 E1 Florida’s Homecoming Part 1

Hello again friends and fans. Welcome to the sixth season of GT. This season has Florida returning to the family and Thelma gets married to Keith. We also get to see new scenes in the opening credits. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 601

Willona warned Penny to be in bed in 30 seconds or she’d have hot buns before breakfast (say what? she didn’t want to be like Penny’s biological mother). Thelma and Michael went on dates and hadn’t returned home yet. J.J. went to make another date. Willona expressed concern about all the kids staying out all night and J.J. overspending money on clothes. She asked him why he didn’t put it in the bank, he answered he got more interest this way (lol). He got the full merchandise rather than a free toaster. Michael came home and when they asked him what he had to say for himself, he answered “good night, I hope yours was as good as mine”. Willona remarked that the only time she remembered him being up that late was to do homework, he answered he may have been working, but not at home. He added he had to say goodbye to all his female admirers before college (Now, Michael was only 17, he should have been a senior in high school, and in the first season he was only in sixth grade. How many grades did he skip). J.J. asked him if it would take that long, for he wasn’t leaving for a couple more weeks. Michael replied if he hurried. J.J. told him to go inside, but confiscated his little black book, leading to an argument.

untitled 601c

Willona broke up the argument and questioned what was going on between them. They were all staying out till all hours of the night and weren’t eating together, nor did they see each other for days. Willona noticed Thelma was in a trance lately and made like she couldn’t hear her when she would ask what was going on. Michael said she might have been in love. J.J. said as soon as she got home he would get to the bottom of it. Bookman came to the door and J.J. said ‘here’s the bottom”. He informed them that he knew where Thelma was. Thelma was making out with a guy in a Cadillac and J.J. said in that neighborhood he was either a numbers runner or a pimp. He said he would teach him to screw around with his sister. Bookman said it seemed like he already knew how. Thelma came in beaming and glowing and said his name was Keith Anderson. He had just won the Heisman trophy and was in town to sign a million dollar contract with the Chicago Bears.

untitled 601a

Thelma invited Keith over for dinner to meet the family. She cooked a roast while J.J. went out and got Chinese food and Willona brought over some hors d’oeuvres. Thelma complained that if he ate them he would be too stuffed for her roast. In a laugh-out-loud moment, they answered “we know”. Keith came to the door and said “hi baby” and he and Thelma shared a long, passionate kiss. Penny asked for his autograph and he put his hand out and she gave him a pen and he scribbled his name in her notebook. J.J. told her that players like him don’t like to be bothered with autographs. He stated he didn’t mind it at all so J.J. asked him for one also. Thelma introduced Keith to the family. He told J.J. how Thelma talked about him all the time. J.J. answered everything she said was a lie. Keith stated she told him J.J. was extremely talented and had a bright future, not to mention very handsome. J.J. then replied she never lied a day in her life (lol). When she introduced him to Penny, she gave her famous Mae West impression. Keith did his awesome impression of Cuthbert J. Twillie in “My Little Chickadee”. Thelma complimented him for his drama skills. Keith stated he took drama in college but the teacher encouraged him to go out for football. Penny and Michael asked him a few questions about football while J.J. told him he should change his name to Kool-Aid and go by his initials (K.A.) If it worked for O.J. Simpson, why not him. Keith’s agent called and said he was made an offer for $15,000 a part. Keith said not to cave in and wait till they get a better offer. When Thelma’s roast was ready and Willona said it looked beautiful, Keith said it wasn’t as beautiful as the lady who cooked it. When J.J. was about to carve, Penny reminded him to say grace. J.J. said it as “Lord, who parted the red sea on the Egypt coast, please perform the same miracle for Thelma’s roast”. Thelma said just carve the roast, turkey (lol).

untitled 601b

Keith recited a prayer his coach would have him and his team say before meals. It went like “Dear Lord, we humbly ask your blessings for our team and our opponents. Let us be gentle and righteous for peace and love are all that matters. NOW LET’S GET OUT THERE AND KICK THEIR BUTTS!”. Michael asked J.J. why he wasn’t carving with the sharp end of the knife. J.J. replied he was but needed a buzz saw to carve that one. Then he joked that it was alive and moving, so Thelma got up and carved it easily. When Keith tried it, everyone looked at him with curiosity. He stated that the roast was tougher than the Dallas defense. He said he could care less about her cooking because she was gorgeous and the greatest woman he ever met. He added that he was not marrying her for her cooking. Willona asked if that was a proposal, he replied that it was. He also said they needed to wed that Saturday because after he signed the contract, he was going on the road with the Bears.

untitled 601d

Thelma needed to call Florida in Arizona to seek her blessing. When she did, Florida approved and then said she was coming home for the wedding. J.J. went to the airport to pick Florida up at the airport, then she realize he couldn’t even pick up his socks. Willona came over and Thelma told her she couldn’t sleep the whole night before. Willona stated it was natural and said she was so happy for Thelma that she was marrying a football player, then asked why it didn’t happen to her. Thelma promised to throw the bouquet in her direction but Willona said to forget about that and throw her a football player. Then she told the story about her wedding to her ex-husband, Roger (wait a second, I thought his name was Ray, and didn’t she call him Alvin in another episode? Was she sure she married only once?). She said it was a fantastic wedding, the only spoiler was the marriage. She then stated that although he wasn’t a football player, he certainly played the field.  Then she said he was really good to her, as well as the cocktail waitress, meter maid and the Avon lady, stating they rang each other’s chimes. Then she joked that he followed a black dress for 10 minutes, until he realized it was the judge who divorced them. Thelma and Michael accused her of lying and caused a little bit of commotion. Then Florida walked in the door and announced “I’m home”. They all went to greet her and many hugs and kisses.

Originally aired September 16, 1978

Written by Michael S. baser, Kim Weiskopf and Norman Paul

Directed by Gerren Keith

No guest stars were in this episode. A rarity for this series.

New scenes for this season were mostly from this four-part episode and mainly had facial expressions from the cast members.

This was a good season opener. It introduced us to Keith. This season was much better then the previous, for Florida was back. Only thing I can’t get was how can someone plan a wedding in only a matter of  a few days? If anyone knows, please explain. Anyway, tune in next time for the second part of this four parter.


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