S6 E2 Florida’s Homecoming Part 2

Welcome back friends and fans. Here is the second part of season six’s premiere episode. Florida meets Keith and it leads to a pre-wedding argument which Florida resolves. Hope you enjoy the review.


Florida wanted to just stand there forever and look at her beautiful children. Michael said to look fast because J.J. was coming. She reminded him that J.J. was beautiful as well. She told Michael there was a book on her bag from her and Carl for him (the only time Carl was ever mentioned, but they never explained what happened to him). It was called Quotations of Greta black Leaders. Willona stated that the only quotations she knew him to use was ‘come on, baby, what are lips for?’, followed by a chuckle from Michael. Florida reminded him that when he wrote her he stated that he was spending all his time studying (he just didn’t say what). Before he can answer, J.J. came in and said her plane never arrived. It turned out he went to the wrong gate, he was at Gate 12 but the plane was at Gate 21 (duh). He excused himself to hurry back down there, he said bye to Thelma, Willona, Florida and Michael. When he realized Florida was home, he stropped and gave her a big hug. She claimed she saw someone who resembled him, but that person was dressed like a cloned peacock.


J.J. said those were his airport threads and led to another one of their hassles. Willona said “Welcome home, Flo”. Florida resumed her motherly authority and told them to stop arguing at once. Bookman came to the door with a cake to welcome Florida home, but he ate half of it on the way up (lol). Florida thanked him and told him to say thank you to Mrs. Bookman for the cake. He said he would do so if he didn’t tell Mrs. Bookman what he did. Florida told Thelma she wanted to meet with Keith and his parents. She told Florida that Keith’s parents died when he was a little kid. Thelma also told her about J.J. paying for the wedding and how overboard he went (where did he get the cash?). J.J. excused himself to go down to the ad agency.  Meanwhile, Thelma confided to Florida about how Keith, a rising football hero, could have any woman he wanted but picked her. Florida said because he picked her, he was a very lucky man.

untitled 602a

When J.J. arrived at the agency, he came into his boss, Mr. Patterson’s office. He had to give J.J. the bad news that he was laying him off due to slow business, in spite of his talent and hard work. He stopped off to see Sweet Daddy Williams for a loan. He borrowed $1,000 to pay for Thelma’s wedding. Sweet Daddy also inquired why he wasn’t invited and forced him to do so right on the spot. Then Sweet Daddy  charged J.J. 40% interest and gave him six days to repay him.

untitled 602c

Florida was home talking to Thelma and Keith about their plans after the wedding. Keith stated she leased an apartment on Michigan Drive and they would be living in the penthouse. Thelma was annoyed that he didn’t consult her or take her to check it with him. He said it had a view to look down on the south side. She answered she came from the south side and didn’t like looking down on her people. He then said it was a good neighborhood to raise children. Thelma got more upset that he was discussing children when she didn’t feel she was ready yet.  These led to a few other misunderstandings and Thelma called off the wedding. She went in her room crying and Florida went in to talk to her. She also asked Keith to stick around. Then she told Thelma a tall tale about when she and James got married, they had a much bigger fight so it was a natural thing. Then she asked Thelma to go outside to make up with Keith and the wedding was back on. Florida then looked up to tell the Lord that she knew he was color blind, but if he could please mark that as a little white lie.

Original airdate September 16, 1978

Written by Joe Bonaduce, Norman Paul and Sid Dorfman

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Theodore Wilson (3rd appearance), Robert Kya-Hill, Eugene Lee, Taunya Reed

A good episode although it may fall short on the plausibility scale. When they said J.J. did all these things first-class, how can he afford it. Plus, I don’t think $1,000 could cover a picture perfect wedding, like the one J.J. had for Thelma and Keith, even in 1978. There wa also a deleted scene where Willona took Florida aside and asked her about Carl and she shook her head, which meant he passed away . I don’t know why they never explained it or why Florida didn’t continue his last name. There was great acting in the heated, pre-wedding argument between Thelma and Keith, although it might have been more plausible to have them fight over a pre-nuptial agreement). Ben Powers (Keith) was one fine actor. I can’t see why he never became a huge, bonafide actor like he should have.



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