S6 E6 Stomach Mumps

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in another review of GT. This episode revolves around Penny’s friend being pregnant and Willona’s newfound motherhood making her very protective of Penny. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 606

Thelma and Keith were on the couch kissing and Florida asked if they had any laundry that needed to be done. Penny came over and she asked why she never saw any of that on Sesame Street (wasn’t she a little old to be watching that?). Keith answered because Big Bird can’t pucker. Willona came in and asked why she wasn’t home watching Sesame Street, she gave her the same answer. Willona was uptight because Penny’s friend, Tina was 13 years old and pregnant. She also got upset over seeing what Thelma and Keith were doing. Florida answered they were newlyweds and what did she expect, that they should arm wrestle? She was extremely worried about Penny, who, the previous month, was asking about Peter Rabbit. That time she asked about the rabbit test. Florida suggested it was time she talked to Penny about the birds and the bees. Willona didn’t think it was the right time for her. Florida cautioned that if she didn’t, she would learn it from the wrong people and be totally misguided. She also reminded Willona that she was a mother for over 20 years while Willona was for one year. Willona respected that about Florida but she protested that she’d like to raise Penny the way she thought she should, and that Florida should mind her own business.

untitled 606a

Penny came in and said she needed a new pair of gym shorts for the next day. She said she would get a pair from Tina, who was her size. Willona cautioned her not to go near Tina, she explained she had stomach mumps (how dumb, she could have just said Tina had a tapeworm or something). J.J. came home from a job interview, and, although he didn’t get the job, he landed a date with a female personelle director. That further infuriated Willona, and she stated that on the bus, she saw two young kids, no older than Penny, making out passionately. Florida answered if more parents taught their kids correctly about sex, they wouldn’t cheapen it on a bus or any public place. Michael came home and when he heard Willona mention they were teaching sex in school, he joked he was going back for his extra credit. She also said that Penny was at the tender age of 13 (now, hold on, the year before she was 10. In ‘Something Old, Something New’, she was 10 and a half. how did she age three years like that?). Florida stated Thelma was 11 when she taught her, and Michael was even younger. When Michael asked how old J.J. was, he answered they had their talk when he was 6 and a half, but Florida was a good learner (lol). Florida started to get tired of Willona’s sudden puritan attitude, then she reminded her of high school, when she was much looser. Willona decided that was it and vowed not to let Penny back in that apartment, calling it a bad influence on her. Florida referred to her as “Mother Goose”, she lived in a shoe, had one child and didn’t know what to do.

untitled 606b

Keith was lifting dumbbells while J.J. worked on his resume. Bookman came in and told everyone how he knew about the argument between Florida and Willona. He came up there to tell them Willona wanted all the graffiti removed form the walls and elevator, including the one J.J. painted when he was twelve of a naked lady eating grits (J.J. didn’t know how to paint clothes at the time). Bookman charged J.J. $13.50 for the removal. He said it was a favor to Willona, and he used to be a Cub Scout. J.J. said he looked more like a tub scout. Bookman said if he insulted him again, he would leave. J.J. tried coming up with another one. As soon as Bookman left, he wondered aloud what he would’ve thought of “Jelly Belly”, Bookman came back in and answered he wouldn’t have liked it.

images 606d

Michael and J.J. tried to get Florida and Willona back together. Michael said they were friends for too many years to let a silly argument like that come between them and break them up. Penny came to borrow a dozen eggs, although Willona told her not to go over there. Just as Florida was about to sit down with her and explain the facts about Tina, Willona came in and made her go home. Penny said she was starting to feel lonely and wished she could have had a baby. That led to another argument between Florida and Willona. Florida told her that Penny said Tina looked like she was pregnant. Their argument got cut short when Penny came back crying hysterically. She went to borrow a pair of gym shorts from another friend. Her brother answered the door and got them, but he refused to give them to Penny unless she put out. That convinced Willona it was time Penny learned the facts of life. Florida strongly advised her ot take her home and talk to her, while she notified the police of the incident.

Original airdate October 14, 1978

Written by Michael G. Moye

Directed by Gerren Keith

No guest stars were in this episode

Although this episode had a good theme, it was not very well thought out. As mentioned earlier, that was a ridiculous cover-up Willona made that Penny’s friend had stomach mumps (who ever even heard of such a thing). Florida was absolutely right about everything, and she wasn’t trying to tell Willona how to raise Penny, she was only giving her advice, what’s wrong with that. As mentioned, she was much more experienced that Willona was. It probably would be funnier if Penny guessed that Tina was getting fat. Bottom line, Willona still had a lot to learn about motherhood.

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