S6 E8 Michael’s Decision

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in another review of GT. College student Michael decides the apartment is too crowded for him and announces he’s moving into another apartment-with a girl. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 608

Florida came out in the living room to wake J.J. and Michael up for breakfast. Michael realized that he overslept and needed to get in the bathroom. Keith informed him Thelma was in there and he was next to prepare for a job interview. Michael told J.J. he was after him, J.J. bemoaned the fact that he needed to use the john at the gas station. Florida called everybody for breakfast, thanking the Lord for instant oatmeal. Thelma emerged from the bathroom. She and Keith kissed each other good morning and Michael sneaked past Keith, who asked J.J. how far the nearest gas station was. J.J. began to berate Thelma for her overuse of the bathroom which led to another of their famous hassles. Florida asked why they had to carry on like they did, for they should be happy to have a roof over their head. No sooner did she say that when some plaster fell from the ceiling. J.J. stated the roof over their heads would soon be on their heads. Michael came out of the bathroom and complained how crowded the apartment was and how it interfered with his studies. He stated if they can’t make the apartment bigger, they should make the amount of people smaller. Keith took offense and protested he and Thelma would move out as soon as they can afford it. J.J. tried guilt trips on Michael and that he insinuated Keith was a freeloader. Michael apologized but J.J. said “don’t tell me, tell the freeloader”. lol.

untitled 608a

Bookman came in to fix the ceiling. Florida also requested if they had a bigger apartment available in the building? He said one family was moving out of there three room apartment and the rent was only $10 more a month. However, he refused to put them on the waiting lists until the kids took back their insults of him. As soon as they did, he said they were number 572. They got so frustrated they hit the table and some more plaster fell on Bookman. That afternoon, Willona came over asking for Florida. She pretended to take offense when they accused her of wanting to spread gossip. Florida came in asking if Michael came home. When he finally came home, he was in a much better mood, causing suspicion from Florida. He announced he was moving out. When they asked him how he found it and how he can afford it, he said he had a roommate. She came over to bring Michael some folders he forgot and he introduced the family to his future roommate, Cindy.

untitled 608c

Florida was dead set against Michael moving out, especially with a girl. The family questioned how many bedrooms and beds they had in the new apartment. She answered just one but Michael would be sleeping on the couch. She said it would be convenient for both of them. They had the same courses and can help each other with homework. J.J. guessed if one of those courses was biology. Michael stated that Cindy was a straight A student just like him. Keith stated she probably knew her Ps and Qs as well. Michael maintained that he and Cindy were only friends, much to the disbelief of the family. After she left, Florida asked Thelma, J.J. and Keith to excuse them so she and Michael can have a talk. Michael said he knew what he was about to say, although she didn’t. He expected her to say she wasn’t old fashioned and that she had nothing against new morality. She answered she was old-fashioned and refused to acknowledge new morality because as new as it was, there was nothing moral about it.

untitled 608b

Cindy’s parents called and said they wished to come over that evening to discuss the matter. Florida expected them to be just as opposed to the arrangement as she was. It turned out they were thrilled about the matter. They were both liberal and open-minded but were totally clueless, white-breaded dorks. But when they stated they would be coming over to visit quite often, Michael decided it wasn’t a good idea and that he should stay home. Florida congratulated him for making the right decision.

Original airdate October 28, 1978

Written by Norman Paul and Gene Farmer

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Nancy Morgan, Howard Morton, DeAnn Mears

Penny was not in this episode

A good episode. Not much of a topic though. All it really had to say was that Michael was growing up. I just didn’t get that if Michael was only 17, wasn’t he a little young to be in college? One interesting fact, however, is this was one of the only episodes that dealt with race and the Evans family’s interactions with white people.

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