S6 E9 J.J. And The Plumber’s Helper

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. J.J. dates a beautiful but snobbish woman who dumps him because he has no job. Hope you enjoy the review.untitled 609

Florida and Willona emerged form Florida’s bedroom while Willona was talking gossip to her. Florida informed her that she needed to get a bus maintenance report written out and needed peace and quiet. Willona pretended to take offense and was suddenly distracted by a smell of burning ham. Thelma and Keith came out and claimed they could smell it also. J.J. emerged from the bathroom with a new cologne. Bingo! That was it. He sang ‘I Am The Sunshine Of My Life’. He stated he was dating a woman named Vanessa Blake. A women he met while Florida was in Arizona. He was planning to  take her to one of the most fancy, expensive restaurants in the city, one that was in the sky and revolved. The family asked J.J. if he informed her that he lost his job at the ad agency. When he said he didn’t they cautioned him that he ought to do so.

untitled 609c

Bookman came to the door with his new assistant, T.C. He treated her like she was furniture and kept docking her pay until it got to the point where she owed him money (that was illegal at the time, was it not?). T.C. had a crush on J.J. but he couldn’t seem to notice her. Bookman also liked the smell of J.J.’s new cologne (I swear, they were comparing him to Oscar the Grouch). Vanessa came to pick up J.J. and he introduced her to Florida. She had plans that evening to go to dinner and a show after. Florida tried to urge J.J. to tell her about his lack of employment, but he continued to put it off.

untitled 609a

At the restaurant, he tried to tell Vanessa it was too busy and when she stated it wasn’t, he said maybe the food wasn’t good that evening. The maitre’d came to him and stated how good it was to see him after several months, he questioned if he was away on business. When he continued to put off ordering, Vanessa got embarrassed and he finally fessed up about losing his job. She excused herself to go powder her nose and promised to be back. Florida and Willona came by to help him out but the maitre’d came to announced that Vanessa had left and was escorted to a cab.

untitled 609b


J.J. was left devastated by the incident and Florida was telling Keith about his predicament. J.J. was put in a slump and came in wearing a hooded light jacket. Keith told him there were three big reasons women were attracted to him. He was tall, dark and had a great sense of humor (lol). Thelma came in and told him a beautiful young lady was dying to meet him, T.C. She wore a dress and looked much different than she did in her plumber’s uniform. J.J. was still feeling insecure because he was jobless and broke but T.C. offered to pay. Bookman came in and threatened to dock her a whole week pay for interacting with the tenants, not being in uniform and goofing off. She threatened to quit but Bookman begged her not to. He said he’d give her her job back with the full week pay, plus a coffee back. Although he wouldn’t share his donuts with her (lol). J.J. was quite impressed with the way she handled him and they decided to go to dinner at McDonald’s.

Original airdate November 4, 1978

Written by Michael G. Moye

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Bever Leigh Banfield, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Maurice Marsac

Michael and Penny were not in this episode

A good episode which deals with another 1970s problem-unemployment. J.J. should definitely had known that Vanessa wouldn’t go out with him if he was broke. I think J.J. should have gotten a job with another ad agency, or the agency he was with laid him off temporarily. Hence the theme song lyrics, ‘temporary layoffs’.


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