S6 E10 The Witness

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in another review of GT. This episode has J.J. as a witness to a car accident, which puts him in a moral dilemma. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 610

Willona was teaching Penny how to cook. She had her add a pinch of salt, pepper and two pinches of oregano. Penny said that’s Italian. Willona agreed as she added two more pinches of oregano. Michael came in and asked what they were cooking, Willona answered instant chicken cacciatore. He asked how that was made and she answered put in a bucket of chicken then spice it up. J.J. came in with news that he witnessed an accident. He called for Florida to come out, not realizing she was out of town. He said he saw a terrible accident. Michael joked if he looked at himself in the mirror again. Before he started the story, Willona stated she didn’t want Penny hearing about any vicious or gory accidents. He assured them it was neither.

untitled 610a

J.J. was on Michigan Avenue when he spotted a pink Cadillac that went against a red light and took a U-turn and smashed into a taxicab. When they asked if he saw who the driver was, he said he was too busy giving his name to the police. He expected to be paid by the Windy City cab company but Michael told him it was illegal to pay witnesses. He did, however, get reimbursed for wages lost and other expenses. He concluded that J.J. had no job or expenses so he would get nothing. Bookman was at the door when he sniffed the food and claimed there was a complaint. It lodged from him and complained that they didn’t offer him any. Willona gave him a wing to get rid of him.

untitled 610b

Sweet Daddy and his hoods came in and Willona asked what hew was doing there, for J.J. didn’t owe him money. He said it was because his girlfriend was the one who drove the Cadillac and that he heard J.J. witnessed the incident she had with the cab. He figured because Florida wasn’t in town to lay any guilt trips on him, he tried to force J.J. to lie and say she was the innocent victim. J.J. protested that Sweet Daddy was putting words in his mouth. Sweet Daddy replied that it was either that or his knuckles. Michael came in and Sweet Daddy asked if he was still trying to pass the bar. He said when he finally did, he would put Sweet Daddy and his hoods behind bars. They left and then Keith and Thelma came home with Keith’s arm in a sling. It turned out he was driving the cab and was the victim in the accident.

untitled 610c

Keith thought that since J.J. witnessed it, he would be relieved of responsibility by the cab company. Michael cautioned that because they were related, the court may get suspicious. J.J. stated he would follow Sweet Daddy’s instruction and say Keith was at fault. They all got angry at J.J. while Thelma called him a rat and a snake. When J.J. stated he still had two friends (Michael and Willona), Michael said not only was he a rat and a snake, he couldn’t count. Willona berated him for betraying Keith and demanded to know why. He let it slip that it could have been Keith’s fault as well as Savannah’s (oops). Michael and Willona knew that was the name of Sweet Daddy’s girlfriend and immediately suspected what the deal was. Sweet Daddy returned with the insurance agent and his stenographer. Keith came out and he also realized what was going on. Michael told Sweet Daddy that intimidating a witness was a serious offense. He also told J.J. that perjury was an offense that could give him 1 to 5 years in the slammer. Sweet Daddy reminded him that not lying would give him 1 to 5 years in a coma. He also warned J.J. if he didn’t testify in favor of Savannah, he would come down on him three different ways: long, hard and frequent.

untitled 610d

Savannah came over with a score to settle with Sweet Daddy. It turned out the Cadillac he got her for her birthday was second hand. She admitted she was glad she hit Keith’s cab and dumped Sweet Daddy right there and then. That technically got J.J. off the hook and reduced Sweet Daddy to ratting Savannah out to the stenographer.  He cited her for not having a license and several other traffic violations.

Original airdate December 9, 1978

Written by Bruce Howard and Joe Bonaduce

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Theodore Wilson (sixth appearance), Bubba Smith (2nd appearance), Beverly Hope Atkinson, William Lanteau

Florida was not in this episode

A good episode. It put J.J. in an extremely unique situation. If he told the truth, he would feel the wrath of Sweet Daddy. If he didn’t, his family would justifiably hate him. I did find it refreshing when he chose to do the right thing and come forward, taking a risk. It turned out even better when Savannah came in and unwittingly admitted she hit the cab and was the cause of the accident.


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