S6 E11 The Snowstorm

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me for another review of GT. This episode deals with Florida, Penny and a few other kids  caught in a major snowstorm. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 611

Michael and Keith were working on the storm window to keep the snow from coming in. Michael stated the heavy snow looked like a miracle. Keith asked what was so miraculous about a snowstorm, Michael answered that the neighborhood would finally look white. Thelma came out and told Keith it was hug and kiss time, while Florida answered “when is it not?”. Michael grabbed the jelly donut from Keith’s hand and when he protested, Michael said possession was 90% of the law. Thelma asked him what was more important, a jelly donut or her. He said he’d give his life for her, but didn’t like taking the backseat for a jelly donut. Bookman came in and couldn’t hear them because he had ear muffs on. Thelma asked him when would he shovel the snow off the sidewalk. He had a plan to say there was a 5 karat diamond ring in the front entrance. That would get many of the residents out there to shovel.

untitled 611b

Florida got a call requesting that she work, for many of the other drivers were out sick (I’m surprised they didn’t close the schools). Willona and Penny came in and Willona made a joke about how cold it was outside. Then she yelled at Bookman for knocking her thermostat off the wall while attempting to fix it. Willona said Penny was ready for school and asked Florida if she was driving. Florida asked Willona if she was working as well and she said she was needed at the boutique but predicted there wouldn’t be much business, unless there was Eskimos with credit cards in the area (lol). Keith came out doing an imitation of the radio announcer, sounding just like Wolfman Jack. They announced that the storm was getting worse and the family started to worry about Florida and Penny.

untitled 611a

Florida, Penny, her friend Kim, and a boy named Alex found themselves stranded in an empty building. Penny stated it looked pretty scary and her friend Kim said “we’re gonna die of scariness”. Florida said they would be fine. Penny asked why they didn’t stay on the bus and Florida answered the heater broke and at least in that building they can move around. Penny still claimed to be cold and Kim said “we’re gonna die of coldness”. Alex said he wanted to get a Big Mac and Florida answered they wouldn’t find one under those conditions. He said he was hungry and Kim said “we’re gonna die of hungriness”. Florida tried assuring them that they would be looking for them if they see the bus, only Florida went off the bus route because the snow was too intense. It seemed they were lost and it prompted Kim to say “we’re gonna die of lostness”.  Florida decided to have them do a little jogging to keep warm. Meanwhile, Keith, Thelma and Michael were home playing charades and Bookman came in to report her missing. They had him play it out in charades and they soon got it.

images 611c

After the kids got tired of jogging, Florida had them build a fire and try some entertainment. They did the freak and sang and try to make as much noise so somebody would hear them. She joked if the school didn’t find them, Motown would (lol). Kim announced she was getting too sleepy (what if she had to go to the bathroom) but Florida got her to continue. Back at the apartment, Thelma was worrying about Florida and Michael told her she should do something to get it off her mind. She decided to bake some muffins, which was enough to make him reconsider. Willona came in stating she was stranded for three hours on the bus and it only went four blocks. They were hesitant to tell her that Florida and Penny were missing. Willona was totally shocked at the news. Florida reverted to praying to getting the kids home to their warm beds. At that time, a wino came in. He claimed that was his townhouse. When he started coughing after drinking his booze, Alex asked for a match so they could build a fire. He warned him about the surgeon general and Penny said he had the worst smokers cough she ever heard and he said imagine if he smoked. The kid took his two only matches to build a fire and when they started getting warm, he said “so am I” and took another sip. They were unexplainably rescued and at the apartment Penny stated Florida was called the bravest bus driver in Chicago. She also demonstrated when they did the freak dance while they were lost.

Original airdate December 13, 1978

Written by Bud Slocomb and Len Riley

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Kim Fields, Anthony Tompkins, Timmie Rogers

J.J. was not in this episode

Another good episode and rather informative. This one taught about how to act during a crisis. I just didn’t get why they didn’t display, or even explain, how they were rescued. Everyone was understandably worried about Florida and Penny but one thing that wasn’t explained: where was J.J. during all this turmoil?


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