S6 E12 The Traveling Christmas

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This was Keith’s first Christmas with the Evans family, but he has to work and can’t attend their Christmas party. Florida decides to have them move to party down to the cab company. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 612a


Penny and Michael were decorating the Christmas tree and singing “Deck the Halls”. Thelma was looking forward to her first Christmas with Keith. J.J. came in wearing a Santa outfit and gave the names of the reindeer in order, “On Donner, Blitzen, Dancer and Prancer, the Ebony prince is here, the mistletoe answer”. Thelma stated some of the women he kissed the previous Christmas were dogs. That led to another hassle and Florida told them to call a truce. Penny asked what a truce was. Florida questioned why he was home from the department store so early. He answered he was fired for not having enough lap for the kids to sit on. He said he felt better when his girlfriend, Boom Boom Belinda sat on it and he told her what he wanted. Willona came in and announced she bought a new dress for their Christmas party. She called it her welfare dress, for it had no visible means of support (lol).

untitled 612e

Keith came home in a foul mood because he had to work on Christmas. When he asked his boss about getting it off, he just walked away. He stated Christmas was their busiest season. Then he said his boss was so cold hearted he drove his sister to the hospital when she was in labor, and charged her full fare. He also kept the meter running during her long hours of childbirth. J.J. asked if he told his kids that Rudolph was a drunk and Keith he had no kids or a wife. Willona concluded that he must have been lonely. Keith tried cheering himself up by telling Penny about a new toy he saw and tried mimicking it. Bookman came in and toyed with the Christmas lights. He claimed he wanted to make sure they didn’t go out. What he really wanted was to be invited to their party, for his wife went home to see her mother for the second holiday in a row. He tried beating around the bush until Florida finally invited him.

untitled 612

Keith stated to Thelma that many people work on Christmas. i.e. doctors, nurses, cops, waiters/waitresses. He also said he’d be thinking of her the whole time. Florida came up with the idea of bringing to party to Keith’s garage. He said that although he liked the idea, he didn’t think Mr. Clemens, the boss, would like it. He didn’t even know how to have a good time. Willona claimed that she would take care of it and when Florida asked her how she planned to do that,  she stated she didn’t have to, she would let her dress do the talking.

untitled 612c

Down at the garage, Clemons came out and announced a couple ground rules. 1. When a driver hears their cab number, it’s back to work. 2. If anybody wasn’t having a good time, they would have to answer to him. Some of Keith’s co-workers asked what softened his heart, one of them stated Willona sweet-talked him but he came along and said nobody could sweet -talk him into anything. Willona came by and told him to put a smile on his face. J.J. came out and performed a stand-up comedy routine. Then he went to introduce the first act. Michael went on and sang called “Rock You To Your Socks”. Next, he introduced Bookman, who came on in a Santa suit and danced (I don’t know why he didn’t do any voice impressions. That was his specialty). He next introduced Keith, although he didn’t really need an introduction. He did a combination of Robert Goulet and Johnny Mathis.

untitled 612b

Next, he introduced Florida, Thelma, Willona and Penny. He stated they were the ghetto’s answer to the Pointer Sisters. He called them the Pointless Sisters and they performed “Steam Heat” . Florida thanked everyone for being there (it seemed she was talking to the audience rather than the cabbies). Then he asked the whole family (including Bookman) to join her in singing “Silent Night”. That brought a tear to Mr. Clemens eyes and Willona brought him up to join the family.

Original airdate December 20, 1978

Written by Sid Dorfman, Norman Paul and Wayne Kline

Guest stars Harry Caesar, Vel Omarr

A good Christmas episode. It dealt with the closeness of the family. It was also very touching the way Willona softened Clemens’ heart. It also demonstrated the enormous talents the cast members had. Although J.J. couldn’t match up to it with his stand-up comedic attempts.



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