S6 E13 Househunting

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in another review of GT. This episode centers on the Evans family looking into buying a house. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 613

Michael was on the phone with Willona stating that J.J. and Florida were out looking at houses to buy . Thelma was looking at other houses much more expensive and Michael asked her why she was wasting her time. She answered that she can dream. J.J. and Florida returned with the news that they found a place. J.J. added it had two bathrooms. Florida conceded it needed a little work but J.J. stated it needed heavy carpeting and plastering. Thelma asked where it was and Florida answered it was in a neighborhood just as bad as the one they were in. J.J. said he opened the door and the knob fell off, as did the door. It was vacant for three months but Florida said with a little work they can make it into a home (yeah right, it may cost them more money to renovate than it was to purchase the house). The price was $25,000 but Florida said the bank can give them the loan if they come up with a 3% down payment. ($750). They said if they all chipped in, they could scrape up an amount like that. Michael, however, warned them about how banks were reluctant to give loans for property in high risk areas. Florida said she saved $250 from her bus driving job, Michael had $50 saved from his boxboy job at the supermarket. Thelma and Keith saved $350 from her job at the boutique and Keith’s taxi driving job. That gave them $650. J.J., however, took the money he earned from painting signs for a downtown department store to purchase a jumpsuit for $110, in order to impress a date.

untitled 613a

Michael told him to take the jumpsuit before it bit somebody. He threw it towards the door and it hit Willona, who was coming in. She started to break down, stating how much she would miss them. Bookman came in and said he heard about their plans on buying  a house. He offered to go over and inspect the new house, causing them to see his good side. He added that since they were friends he would charge only $10, that caused Florida to throw him out. After Willona left, she stated she would miss her. Willona came in and said “not as much as she will miss you”. Keith came in and when they told him the news, they were surprised that he got upset and stated he wasn’t willing to put up his part.

untitled 613b

Keith explained he wanted to eventually get a place for him and Thelma to live all by themselves, but Thelma said they would be, but the family would all be together. Keith declared that the family were always helping each other out and that his family was only out for themselves as individuals, he wasn’t used to that kind of family unity. He decided at that point to put up his share. Down at the bank, they spoke to a loan officer, who they heard discussing a multi-million deal over an apartment complex. He sounded like the loan would be a big risk, due to the locality of the house and their lack of credit and none of them had full-time jobs. It turned out that these rules were all his but they were able to talk him into overlooking a few of them. He said he would try to pass the loan as quickly as he could.

untitled 613c

After they were guaranteed the loan, they threw a party at the apartment that evening. Willona and Penny came in and stated how much they would miss her. Bookman came in and said he’d keep his promise to carpet the new house. J.J. said for him to come over some time and stand close to the wall to compare what size carpet the house needed. Mr. Rutherford, the loan officer, came in to give them bad news. Although their loan was approved, the house was being torn down to open up some shopping malls in an attempt to resurrect bringing the middle-class back to the area. While the family wallowed in disappointment, the over-sensitive Mr. Rutherford started crying (grown men crying on television was/is such a rarity). He stated he felt so bad for them, because they had to live in a place like they did and deserved so much better. The family overlooked the remark and decided to celebrate anyway. They also invited Mr. Rutherford to stay.

Original airdate January 3, 1979

Written by Gene Farmer

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest star Charles Siebert

Overall a good episode. I just did not get that the Evans family were plagued by that curse. Every time something great was about to happen, something would screw it up at the last minute. Another thing was when Mr. Rutherford came over to personally deliver the news to them, that may have been risky of him to do. When Michael’s friend Cindy came over, he told her she was very brave to come into their neighborhood, not that they were the only two white people to ever come visit them, but I don’t understand why that wasn’t said to the others. Also, why would a put up a house for sale if it really was in a rotten neighborhood.

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