S6 E15 Florida’s Favorite Passenger Part 2

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in the conclusion of this episode about a kid with a hearing problem. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 615

Keith saved Larry just in time before he fell down the shaft. That was when Mrs. Baker realized that Florida was right about his hearing problem. Keith angrily went to tell Bookman to do something about the elevator. Mrs. Baker asked Larry if he heard them but he said he had to figure it out, for they were all speaking at the same time. Florida insisted that she take him to the doctor to get his hearing tested. Problem was, Mrs. Baker had work the next day but the kids decided since Florida was off, she can take him, she reluctantly agreed. Mrs. Baker stated she was a bartender and had to open and close the bar every day and night. When asked why the cocktail waitress, cashier or bouncer couldn’t do all that, she said she did all their duties as well ( either she owned the bar or they were terribly short of help). She thanked Florida for her help and apologized for the way she acted, before she and Larry left.

untitled 615a

Florida and Willona were down at the clinic, while Larry was inside with the doctor. Bookman drove them down there, figuring it was the least he can do. While there, he was hitting on another woman. She claimed she was waiting for tests for lepercy. That caused Bookman to freak out. Florida was getting worried that Larry was in with the doctor for a long time. Willona tried to assure her that everything was fine and nothing could possibly go wrong. That was, until Lootin’ Lennie came by and tried to hustle them some hospital equipment. Florida politely demanded he leave them alone. The doctor finally came out with the results. He said that Larry had a case of stapedial otosclerosis, a deficiency in his ear bone preventing him from hearing loudly and clearly. The doctor suggested he have an operation known as a stapedectomy. He mistakenly called Florida, then Willona, Mrs. Baker. Florida told him Mrs. Baker had to work and that she would notify her and have her call him. Larry came out and asked Florida if she would take him to have the operation, she answered his mother would do that. Larry stated that he felt his mother didn’t care about him and that if he could, he’d run away and live with Florida.

untitled 615b

Florida was nervously awaiting a visit from Mrs. Baker, who was extremely angry over what Larry said, and blamed Florida for the remark. Bookman came in and tried to offer Florida a book on how to box. When Mrs. Baker finally showed up, Willona said to her “don’t be no fool, the life you say may be your own”. lol. She accused Florida of influencing Larry to say what he said and very matter-of-factly maintained that she did care. That was why she was working and sacrificing to support him and her other kids. Bookman came back after hearing Mrs. Baker carrying on and thought a fistfight was in the cards. When she excused herself to use the bathroom, Florida called Larry out and asked him why he said that and how upset it made his mother. He stated it was because she never told him she did. Florida said she never told him either but he figured it out. Then he said she knew about his hearing problem but his mother didn’t. She told him that it was because it came on so gradually she couldn’t detect it right away. She told him she was able to see how much his mother loved him when Larry almost fell down the shaft and the hurt in her voice over the phone. She especially was able to see it in her face as they were speaking. Larry got up to give her a hug.

untitled 615c

Florida was on the phone with J.J., who, unfortunately, didn’t get the job in Gary. She told him to stay at the bus station and wait for her and the family to come get him. Larry and Mrs. Baker came over to give Florida a present. Larry turned around and said for them to ask him something. Florida asked if 2 was company and 3 a crowd, what were 4 and 5. instead of answering too many and not allowed, he answered 9. That was to show how his hearing improved. Florida was more than pleased with that gift and gave Larry a big hug.

Original airdate May 30, 1979

Written by Michael G. Moye

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Bebe Drake (3rd appearance), Derek Wells, Paul Savior, Dap Sugar Willie (last of several appearances), Ebony Wright

J.J. is not in this episode

A good conclusion to this episode. It was good, yet predictable, that Larry didn’t get splattered in the beginning. It also taught how people should get more checkups so less of these problems would happen. The sad thing was Larry’s mom was overworked and couldn’t spend more time with him, that caused him to think she was indifferent (great acting on her part). I think she did go a little overboard for blaming Florida for getting him to say that. We know she would never do a thing like that.



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