S6 E17 Where Have All The Doctors Gone?

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me for another review of GT. This episode has Penny suffering from a severe virus while Willona is out of town. The only doctor in the neighborhood planned to leave and it was up to Florida to convince her to stay. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 617a

Keith, Thelma and Michael were at the table with the flu while Florida was making them a cup of tea. Penny, who was sicker than them, was lying on the couch, barely able to move. Florida joked that there were only three students left on her bus who didn’t catch it, and they still fought over seats. J.J. came out with a mask over his face and gloated on how healthy he was. Keith answered because no germ in its right mind would want to go near him, but claimed he’d come down with it sooner or later. Florida went to check everyone temperatures and J.J. stated how happy he was that something kept Thelma quiet. Penny’s temperature was 101.6.  Florida decided she needed to take her to a doctor. Problem was, all the doctors in the neighborhood left except for one, Dr. Kelly.

untitled 617c

Florida discovered that Dr. Kelly had a very snooty attitude and announced that she too was leaving the ghetto. J.J. tried hitting on her but was rebuffed. She stated the reason was she had too much taste. He responded by asking her if Don Rickles taught her nursing. He assumed she was a nurse but turned out she was Dr. Kelly. When she treated Penny, she stated it was just the flu and nothing more serious. She prescribed a vitamin and anti-biotics. When Florida stated she must have had her hands full with the flu epidemic. She answered that was to say the least and that “you people” as she called them, don’t see a doctor until it’s too late, refuse to take her advice or the medications she prescribes. She also maintained they eat too much soul food instead of healthy food. Florida answered the people in her neighborhood buy what they can afford, which is not much. Dr. Kelly then stated some of her drugs were ripped off and her equipment vandalized. She also added she had to close up early out of fear of getting mugged. Florida, when she realized she could no longer reason with her, decided to leave.

untitled 617d

Back at home, Penny’s condition was deteriorating. Florida wanted to find another doctor but didn’t know where to find one. Bookman came in and asked for an aspirin, for he also came down with the bug. J.J. offered him something to get rid of a quick headache, that was, he slammed the door in his face, lol. Penny started feeling cold and hot at the same time. Her temperature rose to 104. Florida tried calling Dr. Kelly back but she refused to come to the phone. Florida decided to run down there and get her and asked everyone else to take care of Penny. Keith gave her his impression of Bill Cosby while Bookman, who miraculously recovered, came over to give Penny a few gifts to cheer her up. Willona called to say hello and J.J. let it slip about Penny’s illness, causing Willona to faint.

untitled 617c

Florida caught Dr. Kelly just as she was about to leave her office. Florida begged and pleaded with her to come and look at her. After a little persuasion, she agreed to come. It turned out Penny’s condition did not respond to the medication she originally gave her and she tried a new one. Then she agreed to stay and see how much better Penny would do. Florida told her that coming over definitely made a difference. Dr. Kelly even started to consider staying in the neighborhood. Then, the inevitable happened. J.J. started to get sick and Dr. Kelly diagnosed his condition as malodinia (whatever that is), causing J.J. to get over dramatic and the rest of the family had a laugh.

Original airdate June 13, 1979

Written by Carmen Finestra, Mark Fink and J.A. Mason

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest star Paula Kelly

Willona was not in this episode

A good episode dealing with reality and survival. The best thing was how it taught the doctor how out of touch she got with the community. It was good when Florida convinced her to stay. It also showed the grim side of ghetto life and how underprivileged many people there were.


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