S6 E18 J.J. and T.C.

Welcome back friends and fans to another review of GT. This episode focuses on Bookman’s assistant, T.C, who has a crush on J.J.. She tries to get  J.J. would take her seriously. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 618

Thelma was teaching Willona a new dance for the new Community Center known as the rock. Bookman came in and announced that J.J. was down at the grocery store and had a major spat with Boom Boom Belinda over the dance at the Community Center. Thelma figured that was the perfect time for T.C. to pursue him. Bookman decided to fix the sink they complained about, which they filed three months earlier. Michael commented on a tub fixing a sink (lol). T.C. came in and asked about the dance that Saturday night. They told her that J.J. didn’t have a date, but then Bookman chastasized her for discussing her private life on his time, for she never heard him doing so. Willona inquired how can he talk about nothing while doing nothing (lol).

untitled 618b

T.C. conceded that when she and J.J. get together, it was usually for hockey games or such. she figured he thought of her as one of the guys he hung out with. Thelma stated that J.J. had a slight problem with women. That led T.C. to inquire that he was gay (which was definitely not the case). Thelma and Willona answered that he usually gave them nicknames (Boom Boom Belinda, Myrna the Human Burner). Keith came in and said while down at the dry cleaners, J.J. tried asking the cashier for a date, but she turned him down. When J.J. got persistent, she pressed his shorts with him still in them. J.J. came in with Willona’s dress but it was terribly wrinkled. J.J. then decided to get his black book and call other women for a date, much to T.C.’s chagrin. No matter how much Thelma and Willona tried to help, J.J. still could not get the message.

untitled 618c

T.C. was very upset that J.J. wouldn’t ask her. She got tired of him thinking she was one of the guys. Down at the bar, J.J. tried hitting on a woman dressed as a gypsy. When she displayed her ability with ESP (erroneously, of course), she envisioned them having a beautiful night with her which resulted with her giving him a smack. a hip guy came by and tried to give him tips on how to pick up women. T.C. came in with a beautiful dress and make-up and the same guy went to pick up on her, although he struck out. J.J. finally made a move on T.C.. She suggested they go back to his house for the evening.

untitled 618a

T.C. came on to J.J. passionately and he was a little taken aback by it, naturally. That was when he realized that she wasn’t the tomboy he thought she was. His nervousness got her to think it was his first time. When he started returning her affections, she broke down and stated that wasn’t the way she usually was. He decided at that point that they should try more casually to get to know each other better.

Original airdate June 20, 1979

Written by Wayne Kline and Mark Fink

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Ronalda Douglas (2nd appearance), Ta-Tanisha (3rd appearance), Mel Carter, Paul Mooney

Florida was not in this episode

A good episode. One thing it teaches you is that you should be happy with who you are and not to pretend to be something you’re not. You also should give people a chance, as J.J. should have done with T.C.. I actually was surprised when J.J. saw her at the bar and wanted to take her out and that she went for him. It may have made better sense if she blew him off, stating that he had his chance.

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