S6 E22 The Art Contest

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in another review for GT. J.J. faces a moral dilemma when he wins a contest with a painting done by one of his students. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 622

J.J. asked his students to check out his painting, which he intended to submit in an art contest. Leo, one of his students, stated he was quitting to join the navy. His other student, Emily, was very insecure about her painting and wanted to quit as well. However, she was very talented. (I can’t understand why Earl, from “J.J. The Teacher”, wasn’t there, perhaps his father reconsidered and didn’t want him to paint after all).  After she left, J.J. showed Florida and Keith his latest painting, which they found very impressive. Florida warned him not to get his hopes up too high, for he may not win. When J.J. returned to put finishing touches on the painting, Willona came in and interrupted his concentration. J.J. finished his painting but had to wait for it to dry. He said Bookman would bring it down later, although he needed to bribe him with a sweet potato pie to do so. J.J. called later to remind Bookman, who was eating the pie before making the delivery, but he accidentally brought Emily’s painting down.

untitled 622a

Keith, Thelma and Florida were getting ready to go to J.J.’s art exhibit. J.J. came in dressed almost like a leprechaun. Willona and Bookman came in to join them. Down at the exhibit, Alderman Davis showed up and, as always, got Willona’s name wrong. J.J. also saw Emily there. Everybody went to settle down and Davis went up to play host. The runner-up turned out to be his mother, who was extremely bitter toward him. Before he announced the winner, he tried telling a boring story but then announced J.J. the winner. When J.J. went up to accept his award, he noticed it wasn’t the right one. Bookman finally admitted that he brought the wrong painting down there. J.J. decided to relinquish the award to Emily.

untitled 622c.png

Florida reminded a dejected J.J. that in spite of the mistake, she was proud of his enormous talent and grace. He had the decency to accept defeat and give credit where it’s due. She also stated that he helped one of his students win, which meant he was a great teacher. Emily got her family and friends to meet J.J. and he gave them his cards and some of them signed up for his art class.

Original airdate July 25, 1979

Written by Joe Bonaduce

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Renee Brown, Albert Reed (eighth appearance), Ron Trice, Lil Greenwood

Michael and Penny were not in this episode

A good episode. The main moral of the episode was ethics and character. It was also one that carried on the Evans’ curse, that every time something good happened, something would happen at the last minute that would mess it up. This one, however, had a happy ending, that J.J. gained a bit of recognition.


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