S6 E23 Cousin Raymond

Welcome back friends and fans. Thank you for joining me in another review of GT. This episode has Florida’s cousin Raymond visit and it turns out he’s a compulsive gambler. Hope you enjoy the review.

untitled 623

Michael, Keith and Thelma were playing a game when J.J. came out and asked Florida what was for dinner. She answered what was left of the chicken they had the previous few nights into chicken stew. There was a knock on the door and J.J. answered. It was a trio of young singers who announced her cousin Raymond. He had a telegram for “Pookie Poo”, which was Florida’s nickname as a child. After Raymond paid the girls, J.J. tried (unsuccessfully) to pick up on them. Raymond tried to recognize the kids, for he hadn’t seen the family in 20 years (why wasn’t he at Thelma and Keith’s wedding? I thought J.J. invited everyone from who’s who to who’s that, didn’t that include family?) He was taken aback when he saw Thelma, who was in diapers when he last seen her. Florida reminded him that when he changed her diaper, he also had to change his suit.

untitled 623c

After a bit of reminiscing from their childhood, he explained he was away for so long because he vowed he wouldn’t come back to the family until he hit it big, which he most certainly did. He had some very nice presents for the family, J.J. received a book called great painters of the world. Thelma got a beautiful dress. He gave Michael a gold watch, which included a mini- computer. Keith got an alligator wallet, with a $100 bill for good luck. He said Florida would be getting her gift after dinner, which they had on him at a Japanese restaurant. Willona came in and Florida introduced her to Raymond, and he invited her as well. Florida started to ponder what to do with their chicken, Bookman came in and offered to take it off their hands.

untitled 623a

While in the restaurant, the family was sitting on the floor with no shoes on (the principal Japanese tradition). They also had a terrible time pronouncing what meals they ordered. J.J. had a beverage and was not aware that he needed to slurp it. When he said he wanted some chopsticks, Keith joked he was a chopstick eating with chopsticks. Ray received a telephone call and when Florida went to tell him something, she overheard that he was a gambler. That was the way he made his fortune.

untitled 623d

The family came home and Raymond made a date with Willona. He finally gave Florida her gift, keys to a three bedroom apartment on Lake View Drive. He also presented her with a $10,000 cashier’s check to cover the first year’s lease. Naturally, Florida was reluctant to accept it but J.J. said it would be perfect. He’d have his own room, Michael would have his room, Florida would have her room and Thelma and Keith could stay there (lol). Thelma said they would be walking on real carpet and not Ned the Wino (haven’t heard that name in a while). Keith said the elevator rides up would give them views of Lake Michigan, not for a good time call Roxanne. Michael reminded Florida that she said she always wanted them to get out of the ghetto. She answered she was all for it but mentioned that he was a compulsive gambler. J.J. said he thought he did something dishonest, like he was a politician. He said he was on a lucky streak and always won. The next day, however, Raymond had a bad day at the track and wound up losing his fortune, which meant the family couldn’t move to their new apartment and Florida promptly returned his cashier check.

No official airdate is for this episode

Written by Walter Smith and Bill Duke

Directed by Gerren Keith

Guest stars Calvin Lockhart, Edwetta Little, Ebony Wright, Barbara Isaacs, Eileen Saki, Tokayo Doran

Penny was not in this episode

A good episode. It was another one that plagued the Evans family with that curse. Everything something good happened, something bad would happen at the last minute and ruin it for them. However, it was more predictable this time around. Only thing I didn’t get was if Raymond really won all those bets, they must have been fixed. Unless they had an honest jockey but woe to him.

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